Monday, 3 December 2012

Squat Squad's breathing a little easier now

I've been holding off splashing it all over my blog until I was assured that it was okay...


Got his transplant!!!!

He got the blue kicks and then kicked ass all over that operating table!

Seriously, he got his new air sacs only a few weeks after getting the new footwear. Coincidence??? I think not!

For those of you keeping count: That's 1 Squat Squad member down (but really up, waaaaay freaking up) and 2 to go.

He's doing so well. He's moved from the ICU to Step Down, which is a huge success. It also means that he'll be back showing us up at physio in no time at all. 

He'll be squatting himself all over the place.

A lot of my transplant friends have been getting the call, and that call being the actual call...follow?

It's surreal to get the news that they are going under the chainsaw, I mean knife; and even more amazing to know they are doing so well after. Some struggle more than others, but they've all come a long way and all are such incredible fighters.

The key is really cool boxing gloves:


  1. Your turn will be soon, beautiful girl...

    I waited a while too - I don't know that that was a bad thing. It was inspiring to see someone at a support group meeting (I wasn't lucky in being able to gather at physio with my fellow waiters...), but, I would see them one week - then a few weeks later hear that they got the call - then see them a few months later - still recovering, but without O2 and looking comparably amazing. It let me know that this can be done, it can be survived - it works.

    I'm not going to say that a little part of me was sometimes frustrated - I had people listed a year after me who were transplanted 6 months and a year before me - I was/am honestly, sincerely happy for them - and there was another, inward part, that kinda whined, "when is it my turn???" I didn't dwell on it - but it happened...

    You're doing everything right. You're keeping yourself healthy. You're keeping yourself active. You've got boss red kicks. You're keeping your humor.

    I'm happy for Mark! I'll also be ecstatic when I hear you're at bat. And there will be bumps and scares - I hope yours (and Marks) are small... Now - get back to your squats - strength is the key to a fast and smoother recovery!!! Hang in there, buckaroo!

    Love, Steve

    1. I'm ok with the wait. I know that my turn is coming!
      Cystics aren't allowed at the support meetings anymore. Infection control and all. But it's okay as a bunch of us have created quite a bond, we are our own support and we're like family.
      Glad you like my kicks!
      Squats suck. Just sayin.

  2. Well said Steve!
    I'll have you know that Jess rocked it a physio yesterday...had so much fun we're dragging her back there again today! As for new blowers...bring it on!

    1. Plus I'm going to rock it again tomorrow!