Saturday, 22 December 2012

Water Retention 101....

So, Jessica now weighs 247lbs! Well, I am exaggerating a lot but she has put on 16lbs of fluid. No matter how heavy she becomes, I don't care and I'm excited.

Jess walks 3-4 times a day, she has been able to cough up what needs to come out (hawt) and she has learned what pills she requires to take for the rest of her life.

You are likely wondering, so when does Jess get out of the hospital?? The answer is... We're not sure. 2 chest tubes are still in and they need to be removed before she can leave. She is retaining more fluid than the doctors would like her to but everyday she does better by pushing her physio regiment. With hard work and time, she will be breaking out of the asylum.

She has told me that she is not in a big rush. Sure, she would love to be out for Christmas but she realizes that she received the ultimate gift and it takes time. Jess has a whole new life ahead of her, so there will be many more Christmas' to celebrate.

Overall, the doctors say she is doing great in her recovery. If I get a departure date, all of you will be the first to know.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.



  1. Good to read your updates B-rad. So glad Jessica is doing well and yes there is NO hurry. She will be out of the hospital when the time is right and she will know it. Merry Christmas to you both and pass along Hugs and Kisses from Lee and Gladys Fraser .Cheers til your next post.

  2. I'm enjoying reading the updates, I wasn't on for a few days but the blog updates are looking great. I do agree there will be many more Christmas' to come. Hope you are feeling more yourself each day that goes by. Many of us are thinking of you even if you don't know us! Enjoy the best Christmas gift anyone could have ever given you. Sending Love from Nova Scotia.

  3. Holy cow! She needs to pee that fluid away! Send her many healing vibes!!

  4. Thank you so much Brad for the updates, we need to know our girl is ok. Jessica you are doing so well. Be patient, 2013 has a lot of wonderful times in store for the new and improved you. Merry Christmas to You, Brad and the Boys, your family and friends and the wonderful people that have come into your life since being in TO. Linda D

  5. Merry Christmas Eve to you B-rad and Jess, Carla and Roger!! What a wonderful Christmas for all. I read all of the blogs and follow along the updates. Thank you for keeping us up to date until Jess is back at it. Sending love and prayers from Nova Scotia!!!

  6. Hey Beautiful Girl!!! (And B-Rad too!)

    I remember puffing up a bit - I think many of us do... It goes away. And even if it didn't, the people who love us still love us, like B-Rad said! But it goes away. And, like you're doing, don't worry about getting out of the hospital - that will happen when it's time. Ironically, they usually want us out more than we want to get out! When I was in - the policy kinda was that they would boot us out ASAP, and if we needed to come back, so be it. It's a funny line between wanting to get out and get home, and wanting the safety of having expert help on a button. But you'll do it soon enough - and you'll ROCK these beautiful lungs!!!

    I'm happy for you this Christmas. I'm proud of you. I'm glad you received the gift you needed - and the family that saved your life is in my thoughts. It's one thing to lose someone over the holidays - and it's another that, at that moment of loss, they could step back and take a moment to help others. I hope someday they learn about one of the lives they saved - I think they would be proud of what they did for you. Keep breathing!!! Love, Steve

  7. Happy Anniversay to Carla and Roger, you was remembered today on CKBW.

  8. Hi, Jess Sending you&your family all aur love support on this verry wonderful Christmas Eve. We love you sooooo much ,love Forever and Always . Aunt Heather,Tracy,Katie,Wayne ,Paul xo xo