Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Guess who's here..........


I arrived Christmas night to find my little amish lady in some pain. Get this, Jess decided that she wanted to eat vegetable soup. She choked on a pea, yes a pea, and in doing so tore something in her chest which left her in excruciating pain.

Besides the pain, we had a nice gathering. Jess is getting closer and closer to discharge. She still has the 2 chest tubes but there are rumours that they will be out today or tomorrow.  Christmas wasn't the same for Jess as you can imagine but she had so many visitors that there wasn't a down time. It seems that I am not the only person that loves this amazing girl.

We opened presents and once again lots of love was shown to Jess. She had more presents and cards from family and friends than I have ever seen. Her support system is huge near and far and that's evident  in the Xmas cards that she has received.

I will end this with a video that I made for Jess.  Click here to watch and listen

Please have a safe and happy holiday season!

B-rad and Jess


  1. Thanks Brad - the video helped wash my eyes out, thank you very much. Now that I can see to write I am glad to read your post for Jessica. All the best in the New year and I am sure she will be out of the hospital in no time. Give her our love from home. Hugs and Kisses - Lee and Gladys Fraser

  2. WTF is wrong with you Brad?!?!

    You know - I generally read Jess's blog at work. I seriously don't need to be at my desk with tears flowing over my cheeks hoping that nobody walks into my cube area, or having to explain that my allergies (in the middle of non-allergy season) are acting up, or having the people who know me well enough just walk out telling me that they'll be back when I've got my girlie-self together...

    It's an absolutely beautiful video, B-rad. It's a beautiful song and sentiment. I have someone like you in my life - I've been with my princess for over 26 years now. She made all of my struggles worthwhile. My wish for you is a similar journey...

    And you know - there's that story about the princess establishing her royalty by feeling a pea that was hidden under a dozen or so mattresses. Thank God she didn't eat it.

    I'm sorry about Jess's pain. That will go away. But, it's no fun living through it, or witnessing it. You take care of her...

    Love, Steve

  3. Hahahahaha,oops!

    Sorry Steve :)

  4. Lovely job on the video Brad, I can't wait to be capturing all the post-transplant action shots!
    So proud of Jess and how hard she's working...I do believe she'll be here for Breathless Buddies turkey dinner & games!
    Love and seriously big hugs to you both

  5. Yeah, about a tear jerker...but in a good way : ) I'm glad you all had a great Christmas despite being away from home and in the joint! I thought of you guys a lot over Christmas and every time I pray you are in there, Jess. Maybe stay away from peas, though, for awhile. Ha. Or, don't talk while you are eating soup. : D
    Love ya!

  6. I,ve heard of a princess not being able to sleep on a pea,but choaking ,what kind of a pea was it??. Jess keep up the good work on your recovery.Mash,blend or like the lady said stay away from PEAS.The veido is wonderful,now i got to go open another box of kleenex.Love Forever and Always Aunt Heather xo xo

  7. Brad - Would you mind giving me a call? 1-888-543-2457 .. Thanks, Keith

  8. What a beautiful and moving video. Jess is a fantastic lady. She has a wonderful new lease on life. Jess will enjoy many magic moments with you and your boys. May God keep Jess, you and your boys safe.
    hugs Shannon