Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting Closer......

Jess now resides on the 7th floor on the TGH with her next stop, her condo!

Walking more, talking more and looking more and more like the Jess we know. Her strength is coming back one day at a time so she is able to push herself more everyday. With that being said, it's equally important for Jess to rest after she pushes herself so you are stuck with me blogging while she gets some sleep.

I can tell you as we get closer and closer to Jess' departure from the hospital, she is getting so excited about her future. It has been a long road but I think she will tell you it's all been worth it in the end. To see someone who struggled to breathe for the last number of years now take a deep breath without struggling, is truly amazing. No more mask, no more Archie, no more wheelchair and most importantly, no more constant coughing / granny shuffle.

I had a chat with Griffin about his moms new lungs and he said " ruff, rufffff, ruffffff, rufff". That translates to " I am excited for mom to run with me and take me out for the bathroom while others sleep comfortably". I don't think that will be a problem as I am sure Jess will be up at the crack of dawn enjoying her new lungs.

Sometimes in life we need to hear a story like this to not take life for granted. When everything is great in life, we just live. Time goes by so quickly that we don't realize all of the wonderful things around us. We complain about a cold, a cough, bad weather, traffic, family members, etc. We don't think about how lucky we are to breathe fresh air, go for a walk, drive a car or simply have a conversation with a friend or family member. It's easy to lose focus of what's important in life but a situation like Jess' and so many others can really hit home.

Lastly, Jess is a very happy person in general because she appreciates the small things in life. Even when life wasn't so pleasant, Jess was happy because all she needed to be happy was her family, friends and Griffin. The things that make her happy are always there no matter what the situation is. She taught me a lot about happiness and the important things in life.

I leave you with another important lesson I learned. This is a quote from a best friend that passed away in August. "Get as happy as you can, as fast as you can"

Liam and Jess, thank you for making me a better person :)



  1. What a beautiful post! I do agree that situations like these help me understand the importance of friends and family.

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Jess & Brad!! It's Jordan & Brad from the Vu! I just wanted you both to know that we're thinking of you at this exciting time in your lives! My Brad called me at work the other day after he heard the excellent news (at the dog park, of course) and we were both ECSTATIC to hear that Jess received her new lungs. It's great to read about the progress she is making and we can't wait to see you both back in the dog park! Sending positive thoughts for a speedy and full recovery and wishing you and your families a very happy holiday!

  3. I've known Jess for years and you're right, she has always been a happy and optimistic person who appreciates everything and everyone in her life. But I genuinely think that having you supporting her, believing in her, and loving her has helped and will continue to help her recovery much faster than any drugs or therapy. So happy that Jess has you, Lukas, Jacob, and Andrew in her life. We are all lucky to have you in our lives.

  4. Wow, so happy for Jess!

    Brad -- true dat!

  5. Grrrr Brad!! I have tears in my eyes!!! Just remember, YOU also have a lot to do with my Sister's strenght, our family is very lucky to have you as part of our lives. I can't thik of a better person to look after my Sis! We all love you very much! xo

    Lil Sis ♥

  6. Hey B-Rad!!!

    What an incredibly beautiful, thoughtful post... I know from experience how important and special it is to have someone like you around while we're trying to conquer this beast. My B-Rad's name is Laura. I've been a happy camper all of my life too - and she gave me one of the biggest reasons to stay happy - to keep my eye on the prize - to soldier on. She kept hope alive in my heart and soul - and she still does... We've been together over 26 years. I'm quite sure you're doing that for Jess.

    And I like "Get as happy as you can, as fast as you can..." Your friend gained and gave a lot of wisdom in his short life...

    You take care. It takes a special person to tolerate the roller-coaster that our lives tend to be... Thanks for being there. Love, Steve

  7. You guys are such an inspiration !!!! Think of you daily... Merry Christmas Jess, B-Rad and G-man and a Healthy Happy New Year !!!!

  8. Hi Brad, So happy Jess is doing so well & Brad you & Jessica have seen the beautiful things one another hold in their heart. You stood by Jess knowing her illness. You are truley what i call a man & Jess an inspireing woman. You Jess & the boys deserve and will have a wonderful life together. Jess keep getting better day by day,take all the time you need. We all send aur love from home. Always & Forever Aunt Heather xo xo

  9. Oh Schebash-gin, you make my eyes leak and my nose run!
    Someone who doesn't know you and Jess and the beautiful support community that surrounds you & Jess could not understand the depth of love and admiration you have for one another. You make her laugh in the darkest moments, the boys make her eyes leak with tears of pride and joy, she stands taller and smiles wider when at your side.
    Love you both to bits...can't wait to walk the tower, dance in the park and paint the town red together!
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. From Janet & Chloe Pug
    We couldn't be happier for what the last week and day have brought to Jessica et al! I know she's been through so much but I just have one thing to ask - Jess before you click your red kicks together and say "there's no place like home" can you clone B-Rad and the boys! I know I'll take a bunch and Hilda will probably want some too. Trust me, they'll go like hot cakes. As for you Jess, you're one in a million and I am honoured to know your story! I expect you'll be taking a victory lap around St. James soon - Merry Christmas and bring on 2013!

  11. Brad this was well said, Jess is lucky to have you. On the other hand, one thing bothered me, when you said complaining about family members. She better not have been complainging about me or she is gonna need those new wind bags to get away from me lol. Hope you guys have a great X-mas in the TO, and see you soon hopefully.