Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Date night with a fellow crusty

Physio just isn't the same for me lately. First of all, I had to be plopped into a wheelchair to be taken there (due to Carman's insistence). I normally walk to the treadmill room from where we are dropped off at the hospital doors, but my breathing was kinda wonky and Carman wanted to be bossy. 

This kinda looks like bossy Carman (minus the flower, or keep it, whatever)

I was scheduled for a 6 minute walk test, which is one of the tests done every few months to keep updated on your health status.

The physiotherapist decided to hold off on the test, as I was just released from hospital and yesterday I had to increase my O2 during my workout. So we need to figure that out first.

I hopped on the treadmill and we soon realized that the O2 would have to be turned up. I completed my 20 minutes, but at double my usual flow and at a slower speed. I've continued to need a higher flow throughout the day.

There are 2 reasons why I haven't called the doc.

1. I'm not sure if it's the weather, cause it rained today and that always makes me feel worse.

2. Is this my new normal?

I've decided though, as stated in one of my last posts, that I will not mess around with it and therefore if I feel just as weird tomorrow -

I will make the call.

 Now for more fun stuff:

There comes a time in every crustacular lung'ed girl's life when she just has to get out for a night. What's better than 2 crusty lungs?

Answer - 4 crusty lungs out having a good time and laughing in the face of breathlessness!

Let your hair down, suck back your aerosols (if you're Jess), stock up your IV bag (if you're Kristy), grab your O2, and have your support people drive you to the theatre.

Then you hope that neither one of you ends up needing medical attention, such as CPR, as the other would go down too, trying to breathe for both.

We had such a great date.

She had even seen the movie already, but knew how badly I wanted to see it, so went with me.

It was nice to get out for a night and do something that is so normal...and the best part is that we did it by ourselves! With no support people!!! (Just don't count Kristy's dad, Jim, driving us there and back.)

We are growing up so fast.

What's a movie without snacks?

Here's Kristy's:

Note the kids combo

And then there's me:

Dad always said my eyes were bigger than my stomach

I walked out of there with most of the pop drank, only about 1/3 of the popcorn gone and the bag of skittles intact.

Yup. Badass.


  1. Rock on Crusty Gurls - looks like you had a blast!

  2. Hey -you didn't tell us what movie you saw!!? :P

  3. OMG you finally saw breaking dawn!!! What did you think, I freaking loved it..but I am a Twiheart lol. Had to be there opening night lol! You do realize that the pop in your hand is bigger then your head right?? Daddo just went to see a chick flick himself ...James Bond ;) He decided that even tho the women are pulling him in all directions as he is a single fellow these days, he would watch the movie solo to keep momma bear from her jealous rage fits!
    Missin you as always Sissaca♥
    Lil Sis

    1. LOL, I said the exact same thing to Brad via Skype. I held the pop container up to my head (cause it's one you keep) and said, "This pop is bigger than my head!"

      We are too much alike...