Monday, 10 December 2012

Some Sweet & Some Scary

I've heard all this talk about 'The Walking Dead' - a show on AMC.

People addicted to it all over the place. It's splashed all over Facebook. Family members glued to the tv.

There's a lot of down time here. A lot of time spent sitting on the couch or laying in bed, resting after expelling energy at physio, a day out shopping, or a night out with my breathless friends. 
This guy has a great stylist

I spend a lot of time on my laptop (it's a wonder my fingers and eyeballs aren't permanently attached to it). So I came to the conclusion that it would be to my benefit to check out this "incredible" show; as I'm just sitting here breathing hard and being cool.

 Well, now I'm freaking addicted.

I watch it while I'm doing my aerosols. I watch during any down time during the day. I lay in my bed at night and watch it before I go to sleep.

I'm blasting through the episodes and am now convinced there will be a zombie apocolypse.

The other day, while in the shower, I turned around, saw something dark, and screamed.

It was my towel, which was thrown over the glass door.

I think I might have a problem. Good thing I have a mean guard dog for protection from the flesh-eating monsters.


My park friend, Cynthia, (who also lives in the building) texted me, asking if I was home. She then said she'd drop by for a minute. She knocked, I opened the door, and she was standing there with this:

She thought that as I was far from home, and only here temporarily, that I wouldn't have a tree...she was right. It's beautiful and I love it.

So sweet and thoughtful.

Tonight, mom brought in the mail and there were a couple of Christmas cards (thanks Don & Marie). Every card is appreciated. These will provide me with memories of my time here and make me smile for years to come.

Along with a card, came a gift from a fellow cystic, Laura:

Lungs, to tide me over until some fresh ones come.

How perfect.


  1. Hi Jess,

    I was wondering if you know where Laura got the necklace. It is beautiful. My husband had his transplant in May and my daughter was looking for something like this.


    1. Hi Brenda!

      There was a card attached. It's called The Lysine Contingency and the website is

      It's really awesome! I definitely recommend it!

  2. Wow - way to go Cynthia, literally, delivering the Christmas spirit!

    So often we had heard comments before coming here like, "Oh, too bad it's Toronto you have to go to for transplant, I've heard the people are cold and unfriendly."

    I want everyone to know this has been proven so WRONG multiple times in the six months we've been here, (today we are 6 months listed) waiting for transplant. In all my face-to-face encounters with people here, on the street, in stores, parks, the building where we live - I've only met one thorny personality (and I'm convinced he's not a Torontonian anyway). Everyone else has been friendly, helpful and generous of spirit!

    I will admit that something overcomes people when they ride a bike in traffic or turn into texting pedestrians though...(maybe it's zombie brain effect) they take really stupid risks with their own lives and those around them! Perhaps they just want to meet by accident...