Sunday, 9 December 2012


Do you see what I see?

I've wondered a few times about them. What I would see, hear, feel, etc.

I have experience with hallucinations. Back in 2008, when I spent a month in the ICU in Halifax (with the best nurses I've ever had - plus Tara) my bed was no ordinary bed.

This is huge. This will blow you away.

My "bed" was actually part of a train.

I wasn't the conductor or anything else of importance; my bed simply became one with the train.

Here's how it went down:

I closed my eyes and my bed made a mechanical sound (you know that sound a bed makes when it's turning into a train), backed up onto the rails and linked in with the rest of the locomotive.

I opened my eyes and my bed would detach itself and come to a halt back in my room.

That train just flew.

Where's that train now? I could really use it to go home for a visit.

I've heard stories.

About birds, animals, people with heads but no bodies (ahem, Mark), invisible people, pink elephants, spiders, etc. 

I draw the line at creepy stuff. That's just not okay.

Somebody needs to make a call.

Here's the plan.

If I'm seeing creepy stuff, grab the nearest knock-you-into-next-week drug and shoot it into my IV.

If there's nothing available, and you can't find a nurse to blackmail, then grab the nearest baseball bat (cause they're all over the hospital) and be ready to destroy any and all things creepy in my room.

I don't care if you annihilate the entire room. Just make sure those spiders don't crawl on my bed.

Hey, why do I hear scratching at the door? In the walls?

Wha??? How did these dingos get in my condo???

And why are they blue???

Wait, am I hallucinating now?


  1. Wow that was such a different post that I have ever read from you. Very Interesting my dear. You have had so many different experiences and i thank you for sharing all of these with us. xoxox

    1. Hi Hilda,
      I agree with you, and now after reading this blog, how will we ever know which stories are real and which ones Jess has just plain hallucinated! The fun will be sorting that out!
      Lovely work on the do, Jess' locks are looking fine!

    2. You're welcome H! As far as you go, PJ, good luck figuring that out!!!

  2. I had crazy hallucinations when I was in ICU last year. I dreamt that I pulled out my breathing tube. And guess what, I actually did it in real life! ...but no I have no recollection of doing it in real life. wtf!

    1. Oh wow! Good thing it turned out ok. I'm guessing you're still alive since you wrote this comment ;)

  3. BTW Squeege,
    I don't see ads here, like you do either.
    Guess we can add Ads to your hallucinations Chicklet!