Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A present for the G-man

We were downstairs, waiting for Wheel-Trans, when the concierge asked me if I wanted my package now or later.

I didn't even know I had a package!!!!

So, of course, I got all excited and stuff. I debated not taking it, as I was on my way out to physio, but who was I kidding!? If there's a package with my name on it, I'm ripping it open!

Inside was a Christmas card and a gift from Sandra Rinomato to the G-man:

Griffin was crazy excited. After forgetting his manners, he sat down, gave me five, took the petzel and booked it to his bed. You could tell he loved it. He just looked happy. It was like a treasure.

If you're interested, check out Nessie's Petzels here.

Physio laid a beating on me today. I practically slept walked my way out of the hospital. Once home, I grabbed my Playbook (Thanks Wayne!!!!) and headed to my bed made of pillows, with the G-man following behind.

I managed to watch another episode of The Walking Dead before my eyeballs shut out the world.

I still feel fatigued. And food is gross.

Maybe I should try a Petzel...


  1. Hey - no excuses! Those are G-man's pretzels. I'll get you some of your own, so don't even think of dipping into his!

    I'm telling you, this fatigue is a plot by all those zombies to suck what's left of your functioning brain cells! Cease and desist, turn to something else, like The Sound of Music! Julie Andrews is just good for your soul Gurl.

    Chocolate dipped Pretzels dipped in a Tall Blonde Hazelnut...hmmm

  2. Hey You!!!

    A beautiful CF chick I know locally (i.e. I've hugged her...) got her lungs this past week... She's doing well -- it's only been a few days and she's taking the right roads to recovery...

    WhenEVER I hear about someone getting lungs -- your face glows brightly in my tiny, little mind. I am SOOOoooo looking forward to that day, and hearing about your journey. I hope it's soon... I think about you often.

    At some point in time -- food will not be "gross" -- it will become a pain in the a$$ because it will taste so good and you won't be able to eat as much as you want because your jeans won't fit. It happens. They're not taking out lungs as much as taking out your furnace. I was 110 pounds pre-transplant (I'm 5'6") -- I blossomed to 165 through last August -- I went on a diet/exercise thing to "train" for my kidney surgery and got down to 142 and now I'm trying to stay away from 150... That will probably happen to you...

    At times, food is gross now -- but so is inhaled Tobi -- so are IV meds that burn -- so are enemas (unless they're nice and warm...) -- so are a lot of things -- but it's something you HAVE to do... Sometimes it will taste good, and even be appealing -- sometimes you have to pound it down like medication or a treatment. It's required now. I think you're a rock star at physio -- the exercises that you and your partners are doing are so very important -- and so is the food... I would greatly appreciate if you sailed through your surgery and recovery and I didn't have to sit in vigil and hear ANYTHING about struggling -- and one of the best ways to do that is to be in shape from a muscular and nutrition standpoint. So, take that next bite for me. Then take five more and we'll discuss whether you're done after that...

    You take care. Don't eat the pretzels. They look FANTASTIC, but they really taste like crap. Dogs like that. Peoples, not so much... I remember crouching inside our kitchen cabinet, on a dare, eating biscuits from the dog's box. Everyone thought it was funny -- but seriously, they're dry and tasteless, I don't even know how dogs get into them. Of course, these were Milkbone brand -- the boring kind -- not the fancy ones you got in the mail. I think that I ate 3-4 of the "large" dog size bones. I do remember being quite regular for the next day or so...

    Love, Steve