Tuesday, 18 December 2012

She keeps on rolling....

So today is "Brad fly home day". Jess has made it easier for me to leave with the amount of progress she has shown.

Today so far, we went for 2 laps of the hospital floor and she has 2 more to go. The physio team have worked on her a
couple of times helping her cough up all of the good stuff. Every time Jess coughs, it feels like she is going to blow up so she
coughs with caution. Picture it.... 2 lungs shoved in a chest and 40 staples holding all of it together. Cough and it feels like the staples are going to pop out. Not fun!

Her 2 Chest tubes are draining better, her energy is better and she is now off the oxygen. It could be put back on but her O2 sats are fine right now without.

This may be the last time I blog for a while because I'm hoping Jess will tomorrow. I miss reading her funny blog posts and I'm sure she will be back as soon as possible. Even though she is doing better, she had major surgery and the pain meds make her very tired from time to time so blogging may take a little longer.

Jess is being moved to the 7th floor tonight which means the next and only move is to the condo :)

She sends her love to all!



  1. Hi Jessica, was introduced to your blog months ago by Pamela, and have followed your incredible journey since. You are truly an inspiring individual, and your progress to date incredible. Keep up the excellent work and hope to see you back soon at your blog with your entertaining messages and updates. Everyone reading this should be motivated to becoming an organ donor, as you have done so well at illustrating why organ donation is very important. Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Jessica this is that old guy from Home Lee and Gladys . just checking in as I do and reading all about the progress you are making. So pleased for you and here is wishing you the best of day that just keeps getting better and better. Lots of Hugs and Kiss from our home to yours. Say hello to your mom fro us as well. God Bless as He always has..

  3. AMAZING. What else can I say? It was so fun Skyping with you and Brad from the hospital bed and everyone at Craig's bday party could say Hi! We missed having you here with us but Carla had some fun and she seemed to be enjoying the Prosecco a lot. Good to see she was having fun and relaxed after a few high anxiety days. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. You are such an amazing person. We are all so happy for you and your family. Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. Hope you get home for Christmas get plugging along but don't over do you. All the best from New Germany

  5. Hey Jess,
    Erin told me how well you are doing and I should check out this VERY PROFESSIONAL blog... I am so happy for you! You are the Mohammed Ali of the lung transplant world! I wish you a happy and laughter filled Christmas with your loved ones. Kris

  6. Hi Jess, I am from Ontario and i have been reading your blog since July. I have to admit, I am a first time commenter lol! I wanted to tell you that you have an incredible spirit and personality. Everytime I read your blog I laugh, get sad and I am inspired. Brad seems like a sweetheart and I am wondering if we may be able to clone him hahaha, sorry for asking but there aren't many guys like him left in my world.

    Stay healthy and thank you for inspiring me Jess


    Kara R

  7. Congratulations on your impressive progress! I'm a blogger myself. Although mine is focused (intended pun) on photography. My wife has been following your blog and reads the updates to me. Then I thought why don't I just follow this amazing persons journey myself. So here I am. :)


    p.s If you enjoy photography you might enjoy my photo-blog here: http://danielspixelcollective.blogspot.ca/

  8. Thank you Brad for keeping us informed on Jessica,s progress.It means so much to us at home in Nova Scotia,we all send aur love . Jess take your time only you know what your body can do(well for now) I,m so proud of you ,i,ll be looking forword to your comments on the blog when your up to it. Love Always & Forever Aunt Heather XO XO

  9. I miss her funny blogs, too! But you did good, Brad : ) Jess, I am wondering so many things...what was the first breathe like, is it different yet, did they let you see your old lungs (I know, but I would want to!) and many more. Cannot wait to see you in Nov a Scotia!

  10. Thanks Brad for the updates--you did a great job> Jessica, keep up the good progress.For the past few months I check your blog every night and when I see an update it is the high light of my night.I shall continue to read for as long as you continue to write.May you find yourself sleeping back in Nova Scotia before you can blink an eye.------G-------

  11. In case you missed it ...