Monday, 17 December 2012

Flying High

Well, someone is doing absolutely amazing. So far today Super Jess has :

- Moved to the step down unit
- Gone for 2 walks
- Eaten solid foods
- Had a sponge bath by yours truly :)
- Guzzled down a tall blonde
- Had 2 chest tubes removed
- Learned to cough on her own
- Spoke on the phone

Her oxygen level is between 99/100% , which is fantastic. She now has a clearer picture of what her future may bring which makes both of us very happy.

Jess wants to thank EVERYONE for their positive comments and support throughout this journey. She attributes her quick recovery to the outpouring of support and positive energy from all of you.

We also want to thank three little boys who have been so supportive, caring, patient and loving throughout all of this ... Lukas, Jacob and Andrew, you guys are truly amazing kids and we love you.

Even though Jess is doing great, her recovery is far from over. Her new lungs have to settle into their new home and this will take months of hard work. Comments on the blog will help push Jess to a speedy recovery, so please don't stop now.

Last, but not least, even though Jess has her new lungs, we won't stop advocating for organ donation. It's way too important and so many more are waiting for the gift of life.



  1. It made me so happy to hear your voice today! And congrats, your O2 is higher than mine usually is!

    1. Also, hopefully during your sponge bath you did something about your hair.

  2. Also, I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have you as my BFF. I love you and whether or not you like it, you are my hero. Deal with it.

  3. Sponge bath eh? Is that allowed so soon ;)

  4. I am amazed at how quickly you moving through the recovery steps. But then hold on, this is Jessica we are talking about. Those new blowers was meant for you, to give you a new life that you so deserve. I am so glad that you have Brad and your Mom there and soon Roger to support, encourage and love you.
    Linda D

  5. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Way to go are one amazing strong women! Thank you very much for the Xmas card! Keep up with the quick recovery... can't wait to hear from you! Love you lots!
    Em, Jason and T

  6. You're awesome, Jess... Thanks for keeping us posted, B-Rad!!! Some of us get to re-live our journeys through you, Jess - and we remember the fears and the amazing moments... In the same way I get to re-live my journey through you, I hope you get a journey like mine. And if you do - WATCH OUT B-RAD!!!

    You take care - you keep going buckaroo... You keep pushing a little farther each day. But also rest if you need to rest. You've got an amazing life ahead of you - savor the intro. Love, Steve

  7. Way to go Jess!!! You'll be home before you know it:)
    Nina B.

  8. Push push...wait, not so fast we can't keep up Jessica of no 'fixed' address!
    That's what we'll be doing in Treadmill Room in no time.
    Andrew, time to start training Buddy, because you KNOW Jess is never going to just let you win the races.

    Brad - you told me there was no hanky panky goin' on...sponge bath? hmmm, next best thing I guess!

    Love you both so much it hurts, right at the base of my neck actually :o)
    Big Squeezie hugs,

    1. BTW - time to change the header on your blog Baby!

  9. I am SO happy that Jess is doing so well! I have been sending lots of good thoughts and prayers from Michigan her way and am ridiculously thrilled she has her new lungs!! :-) :-) Please tell Jess that Michigan will be continually prayer for a swift recovery!

  10. Keep up the great work squeegee. U are a strong girl and i am so proud to have u as my BFF. I love to hear the progress each day, as u deserve this. Love u. xoxo

  11. Congrats Jess!....
    We are so glad to hear that the worst is over for you...
    Hope you heal quickly so that you can get back to the things that you love and want to do...
    Take Care

    T. Corkum