Saturday, 15 December 2012

She is a Fighter

Brad here :)

Jess is doing great. She can't talk yet because she is on the ventilator but she was able to write today. It looks like she will come off the vent today and they are weening her off the sedation as well.

I couldn't be more proud of her. I know she will fight to get out of the hospital as soon as she can. She truly is inspiring and her drive to get healthy and enjoy life is refreshing.

We love you Jess and we hope you keep going in this direction.



  1. SO FREAKIN' AWESOME!! Sending Jess many healing thoughts!! Best. Xmas. Ever.

  2. Jessica you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are awesome and you will be breathing fresh air with those new blowers really soon. This is the most fabulous new any one can get, and the bestest Christmas gift ever.
    I've really enjoyed and looked forward to reading your blog and hope you will continue.
    Thinking of you
    Barbara (a fellow nova scotian)

  3. Jessica,keep on the path of rapid improvement.I have been following your blog for months and your news has made my Christmas a special one.Keep on the road to health and happiness.I shall continue to watch for updates from Brad-----oh did I tell you that I think Brad is your angel----don't let him get too far from your side......All the best and MERRY CHRISTMAS GIRL

  4. What Fantastical News (heard those words somewhere before) !!!!! This is such a wonderful Christmas Gift for so many people....even strangers like myself who have been following Jessica's journey. Thanks to the donor and his/her family for giving such a gift. Keep up the good fight Jessica !! You are never far from my thoughts and prayers

  5. Thanks for updating, Brad. Proud of you, Jess, I know you'll be home soon!
    Love Laura

  6. how the heck did I miss all this?!?!?!?! OMG so freaking exciting!!!!! GOOOOO JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I started following Jess's blog when she was mentioned by Sandra Rinomato. She has been such an inspiration to me. Her fantastic sense of humor helped me with dealing with my disability. I am so happy for her to have received her new lungs and wish her a speedy recovery. I hope she continues her blog because there are a lot of strangers like me who enjoy her writing. Thank you, Jess, for being you! Lots of prayers for you and your donor.

  8. I am very happy for you Jessica, A friend turned me onto your blog and I have been following it for awhile now. You are an inspiration for us all. Your courage and sense of humor is fantastic. Come out swinging and really enjoy your life. you rock :-)

  9. It is a Christmas miracle. I am so thankful for the surgery, the donour family, the care she is getting. she looked so exhausted the day she got the call but she soldiered on to the Raptor game. Next thing we hear she is in the hospital awaiting new lungs. I know she is a survivor and will talk her way out of the hopsital just because it is Christmas. She is very good at that.

    What a wonderful family you have there supporting you. Pamela you are the angel from heaven doing all for everyone. Thank you for that. Waiting patiently to see you Jessica when you get out of ICU.