Sunday, 16 December 2012

Update #3

B-rad reporting live from Toronto.......

I arrived in Toronto at 10:00pm tonight and I was lucky enough to go and visit my sleeping beauty. When I arrived in Jessica's ICU room she was being her lazy self, sleeping.... I approached her bedside and touched her hand gently. She didn't move, she didn't open her eyes or acknowledge that my face arrived??? All of a sudden her eyes opened and she jumped up and stared at me while smirking. I am pretty sure she was trying to tell me that my hair looked great.  Anyway, she looks great for a person that just received a double lung transplant.

She is still on the ventilator but at the lowest setting as they are trying to ween her off. She should be off the ventilator tomorrow and hopefully taking her first breath on her own. They removed the feeding tube from her nose and one of the lines from her neck today.

I will take pictures tomorrow so be prepared to see some beauties :)

Last but not least we have to thank some special people. My mother and father ( Ted and Judy) as well as Maxine and Tom Hann who are responsible for me getting to see Jessica this weekend. THANK YOU! Also, Thank you Lindsay for taking me to the airport and Pamela for picking me up from the airport. You guys are amazing and Jess and I appreciate all of you very much!

Until next time......


  1. So great to have you back in town Brad! I'll add my thanks to Ted, Judy, Tom & Maxine - you may not realize it, but the 4 of you have delivered the best gift ever for Jess' spirits. When we told her this morning that Brad was coming to see her, she was confused. She shook her head and then I realized what was bothering her. She thought he had switched his planned visit at Christmas! When I explained that he was coming just for a couple of days but would still be here for Christmas we got a great big grin and a happy sigh!

    Her day nurse, Penny, just can't say enough about how well she is doing, how polite a patient she is and what a pleasure it is to work with her! Thank you Penny for taking such care with Jess.

    We love you Squeeg, you're Rockin' It!

  2. It's true, I am amazing. People really need to start erecting (heeheehee) statues in my honour and naming gov't buildings after me.

  3. Hi guys! I am so excited and thankful that you've received the best gift. And we've got the gift of, YOU! Love you, Auntie H