Friday, 14 December 2012

Operation Success!

Brad again......

I woke to my phone buzzing over and over again. As I reached for my phone, I looked at the time and it was 4:59am AST. I quickly thought, PLEASE be good information......

It was Jessica Louise Carver's father Roger whom I refer to as Roja. I could tell by his voice that it was a good call. "Brad, I just got off the phone with the surgeon and he said the operation is done and it went great". RELIEF is the best way to describe my emotions. I felt like I won the lottery, just finished a marathon and shit my pants at the same time. It was quite the feeling.... You should try :)

There were no complications during the operation and they described it as great. We could not ask for a better Christmas gift. Knowing Jess very well, once she wakes she will be working hard to get out by Chistmas :)

My last comment before I sound off. Anyone that reads or has read this blog, understands the importance of organ donation. Please, Please, Please spread the word and help others understand how signing up to be an organ donor can and will give others the gift of life. Having CF, Jess required this gift to live and there are SO many more that are waiting as well. Thank you donor, Thank you donor family and Thank all of you who send send best wishes to Jess. She has amazing family and friends.

Carman and Kristy, You are next :)



  1. Isn't this the best news ever. Brad you said it so well. Jessica is so fortunate to have you in her life (as she has told me many times). We are also so happy that you are a part of our family. The Carvers are going to have the best Christmas ever. Even G-Man is excited.

    Mom (Carla)

    1. So very happy for all of you Carla... hopefully, Jessica will be home in Nova Scotia for Christmas and you guys will all be together. Glad to hear she is doing good. These are the times I wish we were still in NS. xoxo

  2. This is the day we have all waited for , for over six months . Jess,Brad,and Family i am sooo happy for you all. Knowing Jess theirs no holding her back now . Speddy recuvery Jess ,as Brad said THANK YOU donor , THANK YOU donor,s family , You gave a beautiful young woman a second chance at life. Love ,Forever and Alway,s Aunt Heather xo xo

  3. What a relief, finally Jessica's body will be able to keep up with her wonderful spirt and get on with life. I can just imagine next Christmas for Jessica, Brad and his Boys who she loves so much. Carla and Roger who got the ball rolling to help make this all happen, I admire and thank you. Jessica, you took us along your journey with you for the transplant, we laughed with you, cryed with you, was educated by you, we now talk about organ donation to anyone who will listen. It feels like there should be fireworks or something. Watch our world, our girl has new blowers!

    Linda D

  4. So happy for you! And relieved for you! Can't wait to hear about your new journey, post transplant!

  5. This is great news!!! All the Best Jess and here's to a speedy recovery.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)
    Nina B.

  6. So happy for you, Merry Christmas and wish you all the best in your recovery.
    Laura LeFave

  7. Mon Dieu (OMG)

    The Quebec City Carvers (Uncle David and Aunt Joanne)are trés excité (very excited). Tears of joy, tears of joy.

  8. Hi Brad - How can I reach you?

    Just ran this post:

    Keith Corcoran
    Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin

  9. I am so happy to read this news! This truly is the best Christmas present that anyone could ask for! My prayers are with Jessica and her family and also the Donor's family. I also have tears of joy!
    Beth Penney

  10. HOLY CRAP!!! I'm reading this thinking, "isn't that sweet..." and wondering who this "Jessica Louise Carver" is -- so I look it up on facebook and can't find it -- then look up "Jessica Carver" and see Squeegie's picture. It took a minute for this idiot to realize that you were posting (B-RAD) and that you were talking about OUR Jessica!!! (I'm not the sharpest arrow in the quiver...)

    I'm a bit in tears right now -- I know that you are one of the few people who is happier than I am -- I'm really happy, and proud of Jess, and excited for her new life!!! Give her my love... Tell her I think she's a ROCK STAR!!!

    Love, Steve

  11. I am so happy to wake up and read all of this news! This is the best Christmas present any of us could want, especially you Jess! I cannot wait to see you. I can't wait for you to run faster than me. Ok, that is not much of a goal....let's say, I cannot wait for you to run faster, further, longer than me, and actually enjoy it! I guess you did not need those "hold-over" lungs that I sent you after all! I am so excited right now! Eric and i are thinking of all of you guys, Merry Christmas, from now on your new birthday!

  12. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! :) Sending well wishes from St. Louis, MO!

  13. Heard the good news in the park this morning! What a great day. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  14. I have been following your blog since I saw the story about you in the Bridgewater Bulletin. I grew up near Bridgewater, so I definitely felt a connection with you. I could hardly believe my (teary) eyes when I opened the blog this morning!!!! It truly is a Christmas miracle. I wish you a full, fast and uncomplicated recovery and a return to good old Nova Scotia as soon as possible. I don't know how you ever kept up your spirits during this wait! You are a VERY strong woman. Merry Christmas - and have a great life!

  15. Fantastic Jessica.... so glad you are through that rough part. Get strong now girl. Get home for Christmas. xoxo Robin and Sharon

  16. Great news! Merry Christmas oxo

  17. I am so proud of you Jess. You are the strongest person i know and when i got that texted last night from you i couldnt have been happier. you will soon be back here in NS dancing up a storm. This is the Christmas miricle that we all wished for. To the family of the donor, I thank you for being able to give the gift of life back to my best friend and i will always be thankful for that. Love you Jess. xoxo

  18. Absolutely truly fantastic news!
    Here's wishing you a healthy recovery.

  19. I found this blog several months ago after doing some random Googling, and Jess's hilarious writing style and great optimism for life in face of her tremedous struggles was truly inspiring and enjoying to read. I check back sometimes on the blog and I saw this news!! What a wonderful Christmas blessing. Praising God and praying for continued recovery!

  20. I came upon this blog one day when the CFC mentioned it in a post a few months ago. I never commented before, but upon reading the news, I just had to say something. Jess, your writing is hilarious and I admire you for being able to keep your sense of humour while going through the wait. I have a friend with CF who received new lungs 4 years ago and he is doing amazingly well. I'm so happy that you will be able to live your life now to the fullest too!
    Also, I'm a student involved in CF research. Your blog helps to keep me motivated and reminds me why we're doing this. All the best to you and your loved ones.
    (Montreal, Quebec)

  21. A true Christmas chunky healthy lungs!! Prayers with you for a speedy recovery and for all your family. Also prayers to the donot family for they have lost a loved one. I hope knowing they helped someone else will ease their pain a little. Take care and keep going!!!

  22. I started following your blog when my niece, Tara, told us about it on Facebook. Jess's humour and spirit has kept me following. I couldn't be more pleased for Jess and her family and friends. Here's to a special Christmas.

  23. Judy & Ted, Brad's parents14 December 2012 at 21:27

    Well we received the best Christmas gift ever, a Christmas miracle. Jessica received her lungs without having a blood transfusion and no complications. It was completed in 7 hrs. unbelievable. I was just talking with her Mom, she is awake, ventolator is still in, so she can;t talk, however... she is writing. She said herself she can't believe she went through major surgery. I can chalk this up to Jess's strong personality, determination to live, get better and have a life with Brad and the boys. I am definitely not leaving out prayer, lots of positive thoughts, great family and friends. Jess has been such a positive force in our lives, we love having her in our family.We are so grateful to the donor and their family, and we will always keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Jessica still has a tough road ahead ,however ,she will face this as she does everything in her life ,head on with all her supports. She still needs lots of prayers , well wishes, all is appreciated, and thanks to everyone who has been part of her journey. Her blog will continue, its a good read. Please remember to encourage people to donate their organs,there are still lots of people in need.

  24. So so happy for you Jess!! Finally…you are going to cruise through recover and have a new life ahead of you. Thank you to the family who made this possible, your gift has saved the life of a wonderful person.

    Hugs to you, Brad and the boys - and can't wait to see the next pics of you dancing around the Christmas tree in your red shoes!!

    Love Laurie Fisher

  25. Without a doubt, the best Christmas for all of us!! Words cannot describe the emotions running through me, and likely the rest of your fans!! May you have a fabulous Christmas, a speedy recovery and a long, carefree life ahead with those you love!! Congrats again, and Happy Birthday!!!!
    Amy Foster!