Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who let the girls out?

I know you've all been craving some more squat team action, so here it is:

Pre squat; looking hawt
Intensity...this is that.

Physio is very serious. Get your head up Carman.

Yesterday we said our goodbyes to Bonnie. We watched her get on the airport shuttle and drive off into the sunset.

Starbucks turns red!
Jamie and I decided to hit the town after that. She had a pep talk with her muscles prior to take off, so she was geared. We headed out, loaded up with mittens and my granny blanket. I kept my eyes peeled for an abandoned snowmobile suit and a mobile fireplace, however neither turned up.

We ended up doing something really strange. Something I never imagined we'd do in a million years.

We went to -------------------------------------------->

After spending probably about an hour in there warming up and swapping stories (seems I do that a lot), we headed back out to find trouble.

Came across this:

It got me thinking...

Why pay this "Master Psychic" when you could simply have a reading done by moi?

I will tell you that you've experienced great pain and or a great obstacle in your life, but are stronger as a result. That there is someone in your life with the letter 'A' in their name who will have an impact on your future.

I will ask all kinds of sneaky questions to get you to provide me with everything I need to make me sound legit. You will be stunned and amazed.

I may even throw in how many kids will be in your life (however I will not specify whether or not they will actually be yours, friends' kids, family members, or one of the times you get into a glare off with a teenager).

I'll advise you of a great love you either have, had or will have. Lastly, I will predict that an amazing event will happen in the next year and then demand payment for my services.

A tall, hazelnut blonde and a plane ticket for Brad will suffice.

It was hard passing up the opportunity to dump $10 in the lap of a scammer, however we kept going and came across some nail place that I didn't even pay attention to the name of. Is that bad?

My thumb rotted off from their unsanitary equipment, no biggie.
It was an interesting time inside that salon. There was a kinda weirdo lady getting a pedicure and a chair massage. At times I wasn't sure if she was just reaaaally into it, or if it was just her carcass shaking around over there.

When she was finished having her insides mangled, she tore herself from the chair and drifted around from one thing to another gawking at everything and generally looking sketchy.

Next, she went back over to the nail polish stand, messed around there for a bit, picked out a colour, tried to conceal it with her purse, and proceeded to take it in the washroom. Ummmmm...'cuse me? We could very easily have a lengthy discussion about why this is wrong in so many ways, but my fingers don't have that much energy.

A whole lot of whispering ensued, with Jamie informing the staff that the woman took the polish into that bathroom. We were prepared for a take down. Jamie and I donned our swat team (not squat team) gear and hunkered down for the grab.

The bathroom door opened. She came out...and put it back on the rack. How boring; a take down was at my fingertips.

I'm certain she was too scared to mess with us. 

I am not certain of how long we were inside that place, but when we came out it was dark and we were hungry. We started wheeling home but our plans changed as soon as we were challenged to a game night, and take out, with the Hamiltons.

Pamela and Jamie think they won, but really Carman and I let them win since Jamie was a visitor. Next time, we will conquer. 

Neither are innocent.

Gotta go pick up my mama now. Hopefully her plane didn't detour into some far off land. Hopefully she's not stranded on some far off island. Hopefully she brought me some strawberry jam.

P.S. Happy Birthday Dennis!

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  1. There is no need to merely claim you have one when the red crowns on the game markers clearly show that you are...dream on that Ms Carver the Elder!!! Jamie and I kicked butt baby!
    You're loving photographer, ME