Friday, 2 November 2012

Couch...or floor?

At this very moment I am tied with Emilee in the NBA league. This means I am incredibly astute, with well-honed player picking skills.

Yesterday Jamie had her sole physio support person debut. I think she enjoyed it. I think she may even want to become my permanent machine cleaner. Plus weight passer, keeper of the exercise card, water fetcher, praise giver, etc. Perhaps she enjoys me bossing her around. I'm very good at it. I may even provide her with a uniform.

I'm kind of upset though. I'm really bad at introductions, but for perhaps the first time in my life, I was on the ball. I introduced Jamie to almost everyone, but some had already met her while I was busy doing something cool and not paying attention. Also, I did not get a plaque, ribbon, or any other reward for remembering to do introductions.

After physio we headed to the Hamiltons for dinner. Thanks once again for having us. It was fun and delicious. My appetite was a bit sucky, but I didn't have the best health day anyway. I ended up needing to leave quicker than I wanted, as my crusty blowers decided to take center stage.

We got home and I started sucking back aerosols. I felt almost instant relief. Thank you aerosols for flowing down there and putting the crusty blowers in their place.

It was a somewhat early bedtime - to get rest for a day of shopping.

I dragged my body out of bed first. Then Bonnie. Then hours later - Jamie...and the G-man, but only after I made them get up. Not sure exactly what's up with him, but he slept in with her until 10. That is so not normal. When I got up he raised his head, looked at me, then dropped it back down and resumed his lethargic state.

Jamie jumped out of bed (or crawled) and took Griffin to the park. They slept in together, they can face the morning together. While there she lost the keys to the condo. I got a phone call from Hilda saying she was searching the park with Jamie. Bonnie then threw on a jacket and went out to join the hunt. I checked the door (just in case) and the hallway for as far as the O2 tubing would let me before being ripped from my face.

They came back silent. I yelled out "got them?" Jamie "nooo."

I could hear them giggling. Come on ladies; you can't fool the fooler (or something like that).

We shopped and shopped. Bonnie pushed me through the streets, with Hilda taking over once we were inside and away from the big, bad, scary street car tracks. Hilda, you are amazing at swerving through the crazy crowds and taking down racks of clothing.

It's super sweet to have my sister here. When we were younger I would only let her in my room to watch TV if she sat on the floor. So far, I've allowed her complete access to the condo. Starting tomorrow, I will begin limiting that access...take her back to her childhood. Get her to brush my hair for an hour. Tell her to go to her room. Watch as she tries to be as cool as me. That kind of stuff.

I have to go watch a movie with her now. Time will tell whether or not I let her sit on the couch..

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