Thursday, 22 November 2012

We've got movement

Day 3

I am trying...

Trying hard to throw back calories. I know how crucial they are and how much better I'll do post-transplant if I gain now. I'm happily downing cans of coke and eating chips and snickers. Probably not the best, but at least it's a start.

My feeding tube starts up again tonight, as I had to bring in my own supplies, so that took a bit to get straightened out. Maybe I should just hook myself up on a 24/7 basis. That sounds totally realistic and not at all annoying.

I finally gathered up some energy and hauled myself into the shower. I think I look more human now, at least my nurse thinks so.

When in hospital, a CF patient always sees a physiotherapist, preferably on a daily basis. We need physio to clear our lungs of crud, resulting in less Darth Vader like breathing.

Well, I'm a lucky girl. I'm getting physio twice daily and it's a new technique. Instead of having someone bang on my body like it's a drum set, I'm getting a massage type dealio. It's massaging my lung muscles, which relaxes them, and helps with my breathing.

It's working really freaking well. And I love it.

I'm refusing heparin. Heparin is a blood thinner; given to avoid clotting. Lying in a bed and not moving for days upon days could lead to clotting. So, as I'm refusing it, I need to stop sitting/lying in bed all the time and I need to get moving. 

I managed to go for a walk down the hall with mom today. She rolled the O2 tank while I clung to the wall with one hand and to my Starbucks cup with the other (thanks mom!). My breathing was better, but I felt so tired, like I was in a fog.

So I got down and gave them 20. 

I also stood at the window and did some stretches from physio, while watching the weirdness outside.

Tonight the fire alarm went off. Then my nurse told me she needed to close my door. Next fire trucks came screaming in. So I cut the screen open, tied some sheets together and slid out, with the IV pole and oxygen tank flung over my shoulder. I decided it was best to run all the way to Lake Ontario and submerse myself...just to be safe.

Someone let me know when the coast is clear.


  1. Hi, Jess need some help with thoes LAYS CHIPS , You know how much i like chips you can keep the bar . Do whatever it takes to get yourself better and otta there , I know how much you like hospitles (ha ha ). But then again sounds like you got more excitment there then i have at home . Love you jess you get better (thats an order from your auntie ) LOVE FOREVER AND ALWAY,S Aunt Heather xo xo

    1. Come on up Heather and get some chips! We can eat them and play cards! Love you too and miss you :)

  2. But you get your own room at least right!!?? I'm always so envious of all the CF patients taking up the single rooms. Got a single room the first time I KO'ed. It was da bomb! Did I mention I had a mini fridge too where I kept all the unwanted foods. Hahaha!

  3. I can't send messages from my bloody phone or even makes calls for that matter. Ghetto a#* koodo/BB. So first week or last of Feb?