Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Return of the PICC

Day 2.

Last night was all over the place. It felt like a sauna on fire in here. So of course I had the window open and was woken every 5 minutes to either sirens or screams. However, it's highly entertaining, so what evvva.

I first woke up at 7, cracked my eyes open, squinted at the clock and sank my head back into the pillow. Next thing I knew it was 9 and I was being woken to go downstairs for x-rays. I managed to make it out to the hall and into a wheelchair (while wearing my Christmas pj's...yes, Christmas). I'm certain everyone was jealous of my attire, as most are sitting around in johnny shirts.

When I came back from x-rays I returned some texts, assuring people I was indeed still alive and had somewhat operational lungs. I gagged down some breakfast and promptly feel asleep; I had great intentions of doing something worthwhile, like showering, but my body's wearing the pants right now, not my brain.

I was woken again at 12 to go for a PICC line. At least this time I was thrown in a stretcher for the trip downstairs. I took my quilt (thanks Birdie) and my favorite pillow along for the ride; this princess needs to ride in style.

It was fun dangling on the stretcher wondering if we'd run into anything, or anyone, along the way. That damn driver was too good. Hardly dented anything. 

When I came back I sat up on the stretcher and there was my mom. We walked into my room and it looked like a Lays truck had exploded in there. Hilda and Craig had stopped by and left me some treats, including a sweet tall blonde. To top it off mom brought me some treats and a Word Search. I really am the best at those, no one can ever beat me. The challenge is out there.

After a couple of hours mom left to look after the G-man and get ready for games night (as I insisted she go).

Yes, unfortunately, I am missing games night with my fellow post-transplant wannabees.

It is a sad time. However, like everything else, there is a silver lining...

Someone else will actually have a chance to win tonight.

I'm hoping to skype my face in at some point. That will likely throw some of them off their game. I've instructed mom to win in my absence.

So, I have a lot of spare time. To sit around, watch hours of endless crap on tv, read, listen to the loud guy in the room next door, search the internet for useless information (or awesome information, like the fact that I'm still number one in the NBA league), fall asleep at random, skype friends, blog, and think of the pros and cons of being in the slammer. 

One of the worst things about being attached to a pole? Going to the bathroom fifty thousand times per night and dragging said pole with you, while trying to avoid tripping over oxygen tubing that's also being dragged along.

I've decided that the best thing about being stuck in the hospital (aside from laying the smack down on my crusty lungs) is the snack bags:

Delivered every day right to my room

Plus, the CF menu is special (as the docs love us showing the calories some love) so it's packed full of sweet options such as popsicles, chocolate bars, coke, high calorie shakes and ice cream. Good thing I've got lots of insulin.

Now, if someone could give me a way of watching basketball games on the laptop that would be great. NBA tv isn't an option here :(


  1. On the plus side, JT is thinking about you.

  2. Basketball - try First Row - Matt gave this address to Carman and that's how he watched football (while making me extraordinarily behind in the blogging department!).

    Games Night - yes we missed you, noticed you weren't there, felt your absence deeply and it just wasn't the same without you! However...Mom followed your instructions to a T and was the big Wiener - Yeah CARLA! We played Dominoes, just couldn't do UNO Spin without you!

    Now eat all those calorie-rich snacks and gain weight (lots of it); suck up all the antibiotics you can flush thru that PIC lines (and a few extra bags for good measure) and get better!
    Don't be leaving us hanging out here without you Chicklet...
    Big Squeezie Hugs!

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