Sunday, 25 November 2012

Want to post a comment, but need a little help?

Mom brought my mail to the hospital and I just have to throw out a HUGE 

Thanks to Sandra and her team for the card and thanks to Wayne & Kim for the card!

Thanks Kristy for the pj's. Thanks Pamela for the card and the photo of our lung buddies.

Heck, thanks to everyone who sends me mail, email or messages on Facebook.

Thanks to every one of you for sitting down (perhaps with a tall blonde, or something as equally delicious) and taking the time to follow my life. This blog is extremely important to me. It's gone places I never dreamed it would - coast to coast, all over North America and all over the world! Stat tracker is awwwwwwesome.

Last count - 67 countries!!!!

It's not exactly fair that you can't be heard, so let's change that. I've been told that numerous people have problems leaving a comment, so they usually just give up.

But I love comments!

So, I copied and pasted the following instructions from Pamela's blog (with her permission, thanks!):

At the end of each blog post, you will see the Comments link (if you're the first, it will say No Comments, otherwise it will indicate the number of comments so far, just slide your mouse over it and click).

Once you click the Comments link, the dialogue box will appear, and you can type your message in it:

Type your message and then click the drop down menu beside “Select profile” - and choose the option that is best for you, if you aren’t a blogger, it's easiest to include their name at the end of your comment, select Anonymous for the profile; and then click the Publish button. 


When you have done that, a Preview box will pop up and you’ll be asked to enter a word and a number (the letters in the word will be squished together so they can’t be recognized by computer spam programs - and sometimes I can’t recognize them either!)

Now, click Publish again. If you’ve interpreted the word & number correctly, your comments will publish at the bottom of the blog, if not, you’ll be asked to type a new code (repeatedly until you get it right - I’ve had to do up to 4 of these!). Once you’ve been successful, your comment or question will be posted and I can reply.


  1. Giving this a try. Hope you are ready to go for a walk soon

  2. Hi! Hope you are doing well. Give the nurses hell! We love when patients do that ;)

  3. You are an absolute inspiration !!!! Always think of you and the journey you are on.. God Bless....


  4. Take care and enjoy the messages, mail, e-mail and all. You are truly an inspiration. I read your blog daily although I seldom comment. You are remembered daily in my prayers and thoughts.
    Take care

  5. Holy cow! Who is that Pamela in the comment on your how to post a comment section?
    She sounds freakin Tall, Blonde and Brilliant!

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