Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Locked up

We arrived at St. Mike's in time for me to grab whatever it is they're disguising as coffee at Second Cup, before heading to clinic. Who the heck likes that crap? I didn't even like the first cup.

I was weighed first. I desperately tried to think of something heavy - like an elephant, but apparently it was shrunken by Dr. What's-his-face from 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' cause I'm down another 5 pounds. 

I've gone from simply skinny to moderately malnourished.

Did I fool any of you into thinking that I haven't been malnourished for years?

Unfortunately, as explained to me by the CF team in Halifax, it's a vicious cycle.

Crusty lungs + craptastic appetite = crustafiably craptastic numbers on the scale.

My lung function has also plummeted. So you see? The Halifax team is brilliant...and I need to eat a boat load of cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

I've been on many different antibiotics the last few months and they only seem to buy me a bit of time before I sink back into an energy zapping, torturous breathing vortex.

Good times!

So it's time to hit 'em hard. Send the liquid army in to attack and stomp all over the infection's face.

I'm all tucked into my hospital room. The cool part is that it's the same room I had in July. Kinda like being at home...well, except not. Great view of the church next door and the evening drug deals. At the moment my windows are wide open and I am having the incredible audio experience of squealing siren after siren. Ahhh the magic...

Mom has gone home to look after the G-man and to explain to him where his mama is. I'm sure he'll understand.

I've been busy getting poked and prodded:

Pretty awkward spot for an IV

They wanted to put it in my hand, but I refused as I need my hands free to type the ridiculousness that emanates from my half working (at the moment) brain. I hope you all appreciate it.


  1. I for one appreciate the ridon-Q-lus placement of IV - I can't imagine anyone stifling your creative prowess!
    How nice that they reserved your suite for ya too!
    Cozy in and prepare to battle the bugs big time Baby!
    We're out here cheering for ya...and you don't want B-rad to have to spend all his time with moi when he gets here :o)
    Love you lung time, big hugs!

  2. Hey Squeeg...

    I hope the juice they give you stomps all over that infection's face, then drowns its sorry a$$... And I hope that starts quickly, and that you feel some relief. I hope you start packing on a few pounds too - remember, every pound you smear on your a$$ is insurance... Every pound you plop on will make your recovery go more smoothly, strongly and quickly...

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving over in my land. You might imagine that I'm very thankful for so very many things - for being able to breathe, and the beautiful girl and family who made that so - for being able to pee, and the beautiful girl who made that so. I'm also thankful for you, Squeeg - you give me one more reason to wish and hope - you give me a beautiful cause to keep in my mind, and in my heart... I have little doubt that, by this time next year - YOU will be thankful for a lot of the things I'm thankful for now...

    I'm glad you're a little part of my life, Jess... I hope that in November, 2022, we're exchanging notes remembering this time... Happy USA Thanksgiving! Love, Steve

    1. I know, I know! I'm working hard to gather up the pounds. If you find some, just mail them to Toronto, k?
      Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry it's a day late. I guess it's now the anticipated (or dreaded) Black Friday. Yikes.
      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

      Come on 2022 ;)

  3. Call me or text me or something.

  4. Hang in there!! Keep those calories coming and eat good things.. like cheese cake. I hope those other lungs come soon! I really enjoy reading your blog and you're an inspiration to everyone (with or without CF). Tell that bug to find a new home, your body is currently fully booked with a reservation for a new set of blowers!! :) Keep smiling.. Whitney

    1. Hey Whitney! Hope you are all well. Mmmmmm cheesecake.

  5. Am sending you so many positive thoughts that it is gonna knock that nasty bug right outta there. Just continue to keep your chin up!

  6. forgot to sign my name to my post! heheh Its from that forgetful Beth Penney who kept my chin up so much I couldn't see the keyboard! heheh again

  7. I hate second cup too! But if you can bribe someone to go across Queen St to SB... Awesomeness!

    1. I have been told of a secret way to get to a Starbucks...and it doesn't involve the outdoors. For a tall blonde I will spill my secret ;)

    2. what! no way! there's literally like 4 Starbucks surrounding st. mike. do you ever order a grande or dare i say venti?

      (it is really annoying how my profile pic doesn't appear. gaaaahh.)

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