Monday, 19 November 2012

Energy, where art thou?

I woke today and immediately called the CF clinic. I left a vm explaining that I have not improved and I need further help.

I spent a good portion of last night coughing and trying to breathe. Someone once told me that breathing is important so, you know, I'm trying.

At 4:50pm I still hadn't heard from them so I left another vm. Turns out clinic ran late and this was their first chance to get back to me. Which is the norm for this location.

6:30pm I got a call from clinic. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10. I feel extreme relief knowing help is coming.

I was pretty lazy at physio again today. Slacking on the bike and barely alive on the treadmill. The norm is 20 minutes on each, but after 5 minutes on the tread I had to shut it down.

It seems all energy has seeped out of my body. Oxygen is swirling around the room but having a hard time finding me (perhaps I'm wearing an oxygen shield and I don't even know it). Thankfully I have helpers in that regard. Squeaker, R2-D2...thanks for having my back, or actually, my lungs.

The infection is definitely armed. Carrying heavy artillery and racing around like it owns the joint. It's some what of an unfair fight. Tomorrow I hope to balance the scales. Bring in the big guns.

"Take this infection to school."

Coolest thing that happened today was getting a present from Carman's sister-in-law, Birdie. She made Carman a quilt that I fell in love with. She must have heard...cause she made me one too!

Thank you! I love it! So does the G-man :)


  1. love your hair there squeege. Havent seen it like this in a long time. Love the quilt, she did an awesome job. U didnt say that you were feeling well on Friday or yesterday when we Skyped. U like to keep secrets.Love u and let me know how u make out tomorrow.

    1. Love you Red. Sorry, but sometimes it's easier to just keep my mouth shut.

  2. Hi Jessica, I love the quilt, so bright and cherry and looks so nice to cuddle in. Hope they find that magic fix to help you today. Love you, Linda D

    1. It's so nice! I just love it. Love you too!