Sunday, 18 November 2012

Grey's Anatomy

I have an idea.

I audition for Grey's Anatomy (I'll just fly to Hollywood), and then of course land, the role of a transplant patient.

Episode: "Double-lung transplant"

Perfect, right? I could even give them my how to manual, which they could incorporate into the script.

Not only do I become a famous television star (I figure I'll get nominated for some award due to my outstanding portrayal of a crusty lung'ed sick chick), but I get new blowers too!

Oh that tv stuff fake?

So, I guess if that doesn't work out, I'll continue to stay on the list in Toronto. Transplants are being conducted all over the place lately; fingers and eyeballs crossed!

I'm still fighting this infection. I have spent a lot of time in bed over the weekend. I'm either in bed, on the couch, or playing games with transplant friends. No matter how crappy one feels, one should always find energy for games night.

I'm good as long as I don't do anything physical. Physical includes walking a few feet, brushing my teeth, changing clothes, etc.   

My oxygen flow has been upped for the last several days and still I'm dropping into the 80's while showering and stuff. Showers take a lot longer than they used to. I have to sit and rest a lot to catch my breath and avoid falling and breaking my face. I really don't want to be helpless in the shower. That wouldn't be very elegant, nor fabuloso.

Breathing is hard sometimes. Ok, all the time. Ever watch someone who has an advanced lung disease breathe? Every breath is shallow; a deep one, impossible. I get tired watching my own stomach rise and fall with each breath.

I need a massage desperately as my muscles are so tight from simply breathing. Emilee, Laura...just fly up and fix me, k? On your way grab a chainsaw and duct tape, just in case I get the call.

However, tomorrow is a new day. Maybe my lungs will actually want to become friends with Mr. Fix-the-Infection pills. They could at least hug it out.

This is a story from NS worth reading. Organ donation saves lives.

Oh and sadly we did not win Zeddy. Sucks, but he went to Camp Trillium, which is an awesome camp for kids with cancer. I'm sure he'll be very happy there.


  1. Hey, if I fly up to fix your muscles, do you think they would count that as a tax write-off? :D I think it should be! I hear you on the muscles, my neck feels like wood most of the time. So I can only imagine how yours feels.
    <3 Laura

    1. Sure, I'll just call the government and let them know. Book your flight.

  2. I never thought of the tax write Hope those meds are kicking in Jess, and you get out of the hospital soon...unless those lungs come!!!

    1. I bet if you and T both massaged me I'd be cured! Throw yourselves on a plane, k??