Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 2 of Mr. Fix-the-Infection pills

I need to find something to knock my mother out with.

For a minimum of 8 hours.

I feel so bad.

She's a crappy sleeper at the best of times, but with me coughing and gagging all night, her and the sandman aren't spending much time together.

I kept waking up. To cough. Perhaps I was having dreams of some sort of sick, twisted coughing contest. Once the coughing calmed I was left with the difficulty of catching my breath.

Breathe in...breathe out...breath in...breathe out...

My morning was okay. My shower stool kept me from falling flat on my face and being knocked unconscious. Yikes...that would be awkward. Thank you shower stool for being there for me. You are so sturdy and reliable.

Who doesn't want a chair in their shower?

Mom and I were picked up by the Hamobile. Once we landed at the hospital, I commanded my legs to walk me to physio. Problem is, the crusties got in the way. They are a tad diva like and it's starting to become ridiculous. 

Mom, ignoring my protests, ran in and got a wheelchair. I plopped down and saw the light - huh, much easier. 

Physio was grueling. I manged to eek out 10 minutes (half my norm) on the bike with the tension dialed back and my oxygen turned up. 

I toned down the weights, you know instead of my usual 50 lbs, I did 3's. I also cheated a bit on the treadmill; low speed and only 5 minutes (norm is 20).

However, I'm certain I impressed everyone with my stretches.

Afterward, the Hamiltons came back with us for dinner and games. Once again mom got the wheelchair to haul me from the lobby to our suite, as I was doing the slow motioned version of the granny shuffle.

I am happy to report that not one card was thrown, nor any punches. There may have been a few smirks and some name calling though. Just when mom and Carman thought they had us, Pamela and I snuck up and tied (sometimes it's best to fool them into thinking they will win and then bammmmm, blindsided!). It ended there as it was decided (without my two cents) that I'd had enough and I needed to rest and breathe.

Tonight I hope to mimic a hibernating bear.

You too mom. 


  1. No question, a good time was had by all! We will allow Carla & Carman to bask in the glory of tie-dom for a short while, then the gloves are off Baby!

    A special thanks to Aunt Heather, whose generosity covered the cost of the Starbucks treats today - thanks Heather!

    Sweet dreams Carvers!

  2. I hope you and Mom hibernated last night... I hope whatever you gots clears up quickly. As if it's not difficult enough dealing with your normal level of lungular crappiness.

    If I could give you half of what I have now, I would... And think about that - half of what I have is probably 3 or 4 times what you have (maybe 5 or 6 times right now...) You'll be here - I hope it's soon... One of the cool things about new blowers; antibiotics actually work well!!! They're not swimming through crusty pudding to get to the bugs... They're actually effective!

    You take care, Squeeg... Sleep soundly. You're in my thoughts quite a lot. I don't always comment, but I always read...

    Love, Steve

    1. I would love an antibiotic to actually work!

  3. Hi! My name is Annalise Wentzell. You were the first recipant of the Wayne Wentzell CF thing, he was my uncle. Im currently in grade ten and having to do a project on genetic disorders (so with my familys past i chose cf). I was wondering what if i could ask you some questions and get your intake on all of it. My email is or you can contact me on facebook. If you could get in touch with me asap that would be great! Thank you so much!