Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The sister has arrived! 

Her plane landed at 12. She texted me when she landed and I told her to text when the cab dropped her off at the door. What seemed like hours later, the text came through. I went downstairs to get her and found her...nowhere.

Turns out taxi guy dropped her off at the wrong address, so the poor little sister had to drag her suitcase through the streets - which was ridiculous, as the thing was the size of a small country.

Luckily, he didn't drop her off too far away and she only had a couple of blocks to walk. I couldn't even try to walk and meet her as I wore my slippers downstairs...cause who doesn't wear their slippers all over the place? Then again, I would not have been out of place in the slightest walking down the street in slippers, hauling Squeaker behind.

Finally I spotted her. She came through the doors and I jumped in her face. I missed her a whole lot. Like take a little and then add a bunch. That's how much I missed her.

It took about a quarter of a second to show her around the condo (cause it's massive) and then we got ready for physio.

Bonnie showed Jamie the ropes. Wipe on, wipe off. Well really there's just wipe off. Jamie pulled on a glove and found her inner Jackson. She's pretty good at recording my stuff, taking instruction and cleaning the machines; I'll have to direct her attention to the condo floors and such.

It was obvious that she was blown away by my unbelievable physical strength and prowess. I think I intimidated her enough to ensure she doesn't mess with me.

I even turned my treadmill speed up a bit, but my O2 went down. I may or may not have been trying to keep up to Kristy, who was on the treadmill next to me. Stupid crusty lungs getting in the way. Jamie probably bribed them into giving me problems so that she wouldn't feel so inferior.

Excited for my week. She hasn't been here 12 hours yet and has managed to rip out my O2 tubing once already. Good times.

Griffin looks happy.

She doesn't think I'm weird at all.
Her normal face.


  1. Nice to meet Jamie Lea at the park this afternoon and tonight. You sure look happy that she is here.

  2. Is Jessipoo letting the little sister sleep in her bed with her or she she making her sleep on the floor?