Friday, 9 November 2012

A Skype party & an art gallery

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to my beautiful niece Seja!!!!

Seja & her twin sisters

I've been at every one of her birthdays, why stop now? If I can't be there physically, then at least my face (and mom's) can be plastered on their tv (via laptop & Skype) for her to feel like I'm there with her (just like at T's birthday party).


Yesterday, Lindsay's parents came to town. They are staying across the street, so I get to annoy them for the entire weekend. I've already impressed them with my sweet ride, not to mention my unparalleled driving skills. We went for a stroll to the park, with the G-man, and once I got across the street and into the safe zone, I kicked it up in to high gear. He's a beast!

Last night we went to Jack Astor's. I don't remember exactly how, but it came out that I was waiting for a double-lung transplant (weird, cause I always thought people who wore oxygen had perfect lungs)...I think it was when our server Kyle asked us if we were celebrating anything special tonight and I pointed to Dave (Lindsay's dad) and said, "Our 5 year anniversary". Perhaps after that it came out?

After we were finished eating, Kyle came out with desert, on the house. He did this simply because he appreciated my level of coolness.

Either that, or because he wanted to do something awesome for me because I am "facing a tough surgery".

I think that's pretty freaking cool.

Kyle - you rock; Thank you!

Today we hit up the Art Gallery of Ontario. On the way there we passed by this sucker and I contemplated making a trade:

The art gallery was, what? artsy? It was cool, best part was that my scooter fit everywhere. I didn't even break anything. Security wasn't called. I done good.

Interesting story...I heard somebody say "Hey baby". I looked left. I looked right. I couldn't see anyone. Then, "Pssst, over here!" Again, nobody around. Finally, "Right here, check out my muscles!"

Don't tell Brad, but then we went to lunch...

He was so overwhelmed by me that he couldn't move

We made it back just in time. The scooter was on the last red light and it was blinking; it was only a matter of time before the thing keeled over. I was pretty tired at that point, so I was good with staying in the rest of the day.

Good news...he's been officially named!

The blue guy that will be dragging my crusty lungs all over this city has been named by Jake (Brad's middle son), while on Skype tonight.


ARCHIE...sweet, eh?


  1. Hey Squeegg - what's with the car rental comments? Drumin' up business for Ahh-chee?
    Good name Jake!

  2. Waaaay better name than Walter, love it!!!

  3. From Janet & Chloe,
    Yay for Archie! Chloe and I think Jake and his bros are awesome guys!

  4. Glad you all like it!! Thanks Chloe for the suggestion as well; input from Jake just sealed the deal!