Monday, 12 November 2012

Ferguson Fun

On Saturday, Dave, Liz, Mom and I checked out the distillery district. The stupid clouds started getting all "loomy" and stuff, so we decided to get Archie out of there (he's sensitive).

I spent the rest of the night pretending that I had a lung disease - tired, short of breath, blah, blah, blah, and went to bed early. Drug myself out of bed to play a couple of games of Sequence with my mama, but ended up cutting that short due to my body wanting to resume it's obsession with my bed made of pillows.

I stayed there.

As long as I was sprawled out in a horizontal position I could keep my eyes open. I managed to watch the cringe-worthy, butt kicking the 76ers gave the Raptors.

I woke up Sunday morning wondering if I'd be able to peel back my eyelids and maneuver my limbs. It was pretty hazy there for awhile. I finally manipulated myself into an upright position, and made my way to the couch (which is where my auto-pilot takes me every morning so I can suck back my aerosols).

After the inhalation of drugs was complete, my lungs liked me a bit more, but my eyes were still stuck in that glamorous half-shut position, and I felt like crawling back into bed. I sucked it up, threw myself into the shower (I'm very powerful) and came out feeling a little bit normal. Felt even better when I saw Dave & Liz.

I felt awful because I missed out on the Remembrance Day events, but believe it or not, I only had to walk out on my balcony to be included:

Last night we checked out a new restaurant, AAA, that just opened up. Loved it; had a fantastical time. I'm not sure who was louder, Dave, or our server Sidney, although they did their best to find out. Liz had a great time playing with the owners' daughter; she may have taken her back to NS in her suitcase, not sure. The best word to describe that place is fun. Great vibe, great service, happy people.

I had met the owners a few times before, as their daughter loves the G-man. I asked for coffee after the meal, but they don't serve coffee. The awesome owner ran down to the nearby Starbucks (trust me, there's practically one per person in TO) and brought me a tall blonde, along with some desert.

Now that's crazy cool service.

We liked them so much we stayed 3.5 hours.

Dave & Sidney after he was finished interviewing her
Thanks for coming Fergusons! Please come back.

This morning I got a call from one of my awesome park peeps....she offered us her tickets for the Raptors game tonight (they have seasons and can't go)!!!!!! It was really cute when she said "...don't feel pressured to take them".

I controlled myself and didn't scream my face off into the phone, but did my usual happy dance when I hung up.

Also, I remain in FIRST place in the NBA league. Yup, that's numero uno.

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  1. Way to hold on tight to the lead in the league Jess!
    I know it was a Hawt time in the ACC tonight with Ms. Coolness in attendance - the Raptors are sure to win!