Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Where's the funny?

I'm trying to think of something to write about. It's difficult when you feel a bit ill at ease. I'm thinking of a friend who is having a tough go right now and I've momentarily lost the funny.

Like Elvis, the funny has left the building. See? That wasn't funny.

There are times when we are reminded of the fragility of life. We had a time like that back in August. This isn't that. It's a completely different situation, but still a reminder.

There are too many people who struggle too much. People who wait on the list for far too long, simply because of the lack of donors.

It's a sad situation. People wait and wait. You are listed when you are sick enough to need lungs, yet healthy enough to withstand the surgery and thrive afterward. However, you are listed due to the fact that your survival depends on a lung transplant. This means you are not getting better, and chances are, you will deteriorate.

For the hundredth millionth time, I urge you to consider signing up to be an organ and tissue donor. Another idea - give blood. Like they say, it's in you to give.

Unfortunately, many don't think about it until it hits home. It's pretty much moved into my home, taken over the remote and redecorated.

Now I must go sink my face in the tv. NBA season. Enough said.

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  1. Amen
    Enough said

    Big Hugs - really missed you today!