Monday, 29 October 2012

CF & a teddy bear

This is no time to be lazy! Just cause there's a hurricane stomping around all over the place, and kung fu-ing the crap out of everything, doesn't mean you can just sit there and not do me a favor.

You're on the computer, or some other device that has enabled you to pounce on the world wide web. Your eyeballs are intact and your fingers are itchy.

I can tell you are silently begging me to give you something to do. You are thinking, hmmm, I sure wish I had something cool to do; something that would impact lives.

Something that would make Squeegee happy.

I have two suggestions (cause I'm very thoughtful).

1. Sign up to be an organ & tissue donor. Sweet huh? It's simple, takes about two minutes and saves/impacts lives. Best gift ever. 

2. Vote. Nope, I'm not talking about a political election. I actually don't care what your political beliefs are. I'm talking about a teddy bear. 

Cystic Fibrosis Canada (CFC) submitted its name to adopt Zeddy, the Zellers bear.

What exactly am I talking about?

Zellers is a Canadian discount retail store. It is closing. Zeddy was their mascot. Now that Zellers is pushing up daisies, poor Zeddy is unemployed.

Click here to watch Zeddy get the heave-ho from the big boss, and then watch as he tries to deal with life in the wilderness.

CFC has a history with Zeddy. They partnered with Zellers in 1985 and together raised more than $27 million. That's a lotta coin. Pocket change for moi, of course.

The winner not only gets to adopt Zeddy, but also gets a $5000 donation. That's a nice chunk of change that could be used in a whole lot of good juicy ways. Research, treatment, advocacy, access to high quality medical care and more.

That's a lot of really cool and important stuff. The way I see it, it'd be pretty mean of you to not take a couple of seconds to click here and vote.

Okay, come on. I don't think you'd actually be mean deep down in your gut, I'm just trying to solicit the generosity from deep down in your soul.

Hope it worked.


  1. Vote cased love you jess Aunt Heather

  2. Hi jessica tried to vote link does not work...wishing you all the best prayers are with you...your cousin mervin mailman and wife tracy...chelsea nova scotia

    1. Ah I wonder why? Try putting this in your address bar:

  3. Poor Zeddy wandering all alone in the woods....saddest thing ever. I really hope he finds a home with CF Canada.

  4. Hey...what is free, legal, good for the soul and can be done every hour?

    VOTE - for Cf Canada to be the new family of Zeddy!

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