Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tux Twins

I have a confession to make.

I've been eating apple crisp for days. 

All thanks to Hilda and Craig for the crisp they each made and chucked our way. They were both unbelievable and I have been devouring them. I think they should have an apple crisp competition that lasts my entire duration in Toronto. I will test them every week and declare a winner.

It really works out for everyone; they get to bake, I get to eat.

If I were to be completely honest, I would tell you that I had apple crisp for dinner last night. 

Let's move on to my exciting day yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I got to physio and realized the boys had went all out and put on their Sunday best for me:

Boys, please, you could have just given me a truck load of cash and a hot air balloon.

In reality, they dressed up to play the part of guinea pigs for some physio students. It's cute how special they believe they are. And they sure are ***wink wink***.

Mark and I were slaving away while Carman was "answering questions" in some unknown area. Sure Carman sure, I bet you weren't downstairs sipping a mocha frappa crappa whateveritisyoudrink.

And for proof of how hard Mark was working:

Just for fun I ran 50k, did 600 push ups, 1500 jumping jacks, 12000 bicep curls and posed for several photos.

I'm sure you can tell who did the most work

After physio I had transplant clinic. I believe a record was set. I was in and out in 15. Insane. No changes. Nothing new to report. I'm not sure why I was so lucky as to not have to wait for hours, but that's what happened.

Oh, excuse me, I hear some apple crisp calling my name...

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  1. Hi Jess can,t belive 15 min in trans wow .Carman and Mark look really great in (TUX).Open invention for AppleCrisp when you come home (one of my faveort,s)Love Alway,s & Forever Aunt Heather xo xo