Monday, 15 October 2012

Maiden Voyage

Happy Birthday to an amazingly cool woman! Pamela, you are one of a kind. 

I never knew that I would find such an awesome friend while waiting for new windbags.

Thanks for the following things:

Critiquing my stretching techniques in physio

Mopping up my tears when Brad left

Feeding me, babysitting me and carting my crusty-lung'd self all over the city

Last, but not least, for being a good sport every time I destroy you in cards and/or boardgames.

You are an exceptional human being and I love you. You are one of the few constants in my transplant life in TO and we will forever have a special bond.


Today was my first day actually utilizing Wheel Trans. My interview was awhile ago, and I've had more than enough time to comprehend their booking procedures....but I may have gotten a teeny bit frustrated with it before and given up. This time my brain was functioning on a few cylinders and I was able to properly book it.

Bonnie buckled in carrying Pamela's balloon
Poor Squeaker didn't have a seat OR a seatbelt

We were able to see a bit more of the city on the way to the hospital and got to ride with another couple. The wife was cool, she was busy telling her husband (aprox. 80 yrs old) to fix his hair as he "looked like Scrooge". I thought he was hawt the way he was and told him so. He then wanted to ditch his wife to hang out with me, but I told him he was too young for me.

We made it through physio, and grabbed the fastest coffee ever with the Hamiltons, before heading back home with Wheel Trans.

We got home, grabbed the furry creature with the wiggly butt, and headed to the park. Once there, I was immediately surrounded by the press, as they've heard about my increase in dumb bell weights (5 lbs ya'll) in physio.

The cameras were all over the place

If you've read my post a few days back, you'll remember my obsession with the boys in blue. Well, imagine my delight when they swooped in to protect me:

You can choose to believe the above story, or you can go with a dull one, like the Occupiers from a year ago were performing a play in the park tonight and the police were on the scene.

You decide which one sounds more realistic.


  1. Jess - thanks you for the extraordinary compliments and birthday wishes! Nothing like putting the pressure on - how will I ever live up to all that goodness? It's truly been a miracle that we've ended up on this journey at the same time, but I had a feeling when we were here during assessment week and you kept popping up at our appointments...that we hadn't seen the last of you yet! Nice stalking by the way...

    I've had a blast feeding you, mopping up your buckets of princess tears, playing chauffeur (while being regaled with wild stories - all true I'm sure), meeting your peeps, walking Griffon, picnicking with you and B-rad and letting you win at cards and games - I mean, your lungs are broken how could I keep my dignity and beat you??

    The balloon is beautiful, as are you my friend...a toasht to our post-transplant chalet ceilidh at Bonnie's!

    Glad you liked the visit from the boys in blue in yellow!

  2. Hi Jess, Glad to hear your using Wheel Trans and pumping 5lbs.(way to go supper woman). Miss you and wiggle butt. Happy belated Birthday to your amazing friend Pam ,and oh yes you and griff look pretty cool with to boys in blue.Love ya Forever and Always Aunt Heather xo xo .

    1. Hello Mildred!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!
      Miss you...your turn to cut for deal...

    2. Miss you Milly! Hard to believe you've been gone over two weeks already! Love you xo

  3. Hey Jess!!! Regardless what the boyz in blue were there for, there is little doubt that they took the opportunity to swoop in to protect you - seriously, who wouldn't?!?

    And I'm proud of you - and your fellow physio compadres - for doing all you're doing, and then doing a little extra. Whether you're doing it to train for beautiful, new lungs - or just doing it to nurse a little more ability out of the old, existing windbags - it has a very powerful effect.

    I just got back from Disney World in Florida - we probably walked between 6 and 10 miles daily. It's been over 12 years and I'm still amazed at that ability - and amazed that I'M NOT EXHAUSTED. At all. I think about my beautiful lungs (and now my beautiful kidney too) constantly - I treasure them. I also think about my friends waiting, and I hope they get to experience this as well. Soon.

    Happy Birthday, Pamela!!! You hang in there, Jess. You're a beautiful and strong human being and I cannot wait until this amazes you. Love, Steve

    1. Hey, thanks so much for the birthday wishes Steve - very sweet of you. How exciting that you're covering miles daily and still have the energy to do more! Wahoo - well done and keep it up! Your enthusiasm and encouragement is inspiring - not to just Jess but to all of us on the journey and/or following her blog!
      Cyber Hugs!

    2. Disney!!!! I love Disney!! Can't wait to go back. Glad you had a good time Steve!

  4. Happy Birthday to you Pamela. You are a great support person up there in the BIG city for Jess and I so appreciate you and Carmen being there for her. U guys are the best.

    Love the boys in blue Jess and I am sure that you did too. U probably gave them your number and invited them over for coffee and applecrisp if i know you. LOL

    Love you and miss you bunches. Need to Skype soon.

    1. Ola Red!
      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and kind words! Carman and I are loving our chance to basque in Jess' coolness (the paparazzi get annoying sometimes, but that's the price we pay, as you well know!).
      Thanks for giving me top billing here too, I knew you liked me better - ha ha!
      Miss you Beautiful!
      Cyber Hugs,

    2. Oh Shannon...they are just to look at.

  5. Hi Jess,
    I am thinking of you every day (and not just because your blog posts are delivered to my inbox daily). I can't wait for you to get your new lungs, and I have my fingers crossed that it will be soon! I love your blog, but I'll be happier when it turns to a post transplant blog!

    1. Thanks Lila!! I'm with you, I can't wait to blog about my lungs being ripped out and new ones nailed in!