Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tara Time

My friend Tara and her brother came to visit yesterday.

I was on my best behaviour.

For the first hour...

Then I almost gave Tara a heart attack. We had just left the building when I realized I had forgotten my phone. I need my phone. I can't go anywhere without my phone. I'm sure 99% of you can relate. Bonnie ran back upstairs to grab it. We were waiting, and telling lies, when all of a sudden we heard something ringing.  

The sound was coming from my purse.

Apparently I chucked my phone in there (in a spot I never put the thing). I answered all flabbergasted and Bonnie starts giggling. Meanwhile, Tara's eyeballs were bouncing out of their sockets and her jaw was draped on the ground. It took her awhile to recover from thinking it had been Cletus going off signalling that there were new windbags with my name on them.


And while we were waiting for Bonnie to conduct her futile search for my phone, I may have threatened to run over a couple of guys with my wheelchair as a joke. They were very scared; pretty sure they called their moms.


We went out to eat. We went to a place called the Jersey Giant. The special was burger and fries. I made the mistake of asking if it was a Jersey Giant burger or if it was something else.

Server: "This is the Jersey Giant. The burger is a Jersey Giant. There is only ONE burger!" (All in a craptastic tone.)

Is there cheese? NINETY-NINE CENTS!!!!!

She must have been looking for a sweet tip.

Sorry cranky server lady...not sure why you hate us.

Tara was my trainer at physio today. She did good; cracked the whip. Right Carman???

My amazingness at work

Mark in awe of my amazingness; Carman too asleep to notice

Carman's princess wave

Thank you Tara for taking care of me today. Bonnie was busy hanging out with Hilda and Craig doing fun things while I busted my butt. It's okay guys, I know you missed me and that it was a drag to not have to push my wheelchair around.

Important to note: Google is not your friend. If you have a strange lump on your arm you might not want to resort to the world wide web for an answer. Your mind will then focus on the lump being any number of equally awful things. 

I know better, but alas I can not help myself.


  1. If the big lump is right-kinda-in-the-middle of your arm, that's your elbow. If it's just above the shoulder, on either side, that's your head. Just sayin'.

    Love, Steve

    1. I think it might be my brain taking a stroll. It seems to be messing with me.

    2. Lack of oxygen will do that to you...

      It's funny - my support group has commented how quiet I used to be before transplant... My princess has said that she always thought she married the quiet one in my family - my sis and my mom can talk a blue-streak - now she says she realizes that it was just lack of oxygen.

      Your brain will still take a stroll quite often - only, after your beautiful, new blowers, it will stroll with purpose!!!


  2. Well Jessica as much as we missed you ( ha ha) we made sure Bonnie had a few laughs with Craig and myself. we showed her Sugar Beach and then how they were unloading the raw sugar from the boat into the Redpath's facilities. we had some soup ( so my stupid foot could rest if you want to know the truth)and we shopped a bit. then took her to the south market and finally to Flatirons for our "funny" Christmas cards. we really did miss you, honest!!!!!