Saturday, 13 October 2012

I'm baaaack

I've been missing in action, eh?

What a crazy couple of weeks; my health has been up and down like paddles at an auction.

Thursday was a tad rough. Made it through physio - recorded a video with my squat buddies, did other amazing things. Managed to avoid shooting off the bike like in a scene from 'Wipeout'.

I do have a complaint. My squat buddies seem to think it's okay to beat me up. Actually, to be precise - I was swatted. Probably some law against that.

Am now planning revenge...which is pretty frightening. I'm sure they are hiding under blankets, under the bed even, in their homes right now.

When we were finished flexing our incredible muscles, we went downstairs.

Ran into this guy:
He heard I was in town and just HAD to meet me
Then it all went downhill.

My first clue that I was not well was when I realized I couldn't stomach a tall hazelnut blonde. Next clue, almost passing out from exhaustion in the Hamilton SUV on the way home. Next, waiting in the SUV while Pamela and Bonnie went upstairs. Bonnie grabbed Griffin (to take him out) and Pamela grabbed the wheelchair to transport my uncooperative body upstairs.

I won't go into detail about the rest of my day, as it wasn't pleasant. Let's just say I wasn't "living my best life" (sorry Oprah). I was starting to wonder if I'd ever feel better.

But then!

Friday, Hilda and Craig came over for coffee, and I morphed back into a human being. I may not have exactly looked like one, but I felt 10 times better. Bonnie and I even went shopping for a jacket. It seems to have gone from summer to winter.

It's just getting too chichichilly. <--- clever, no?

So, my dad has been urging me to get a motorized scooter. He knows it would give me some independence and would be a great way for me to get around.

I think buddy was using it as a chick magnet

 On the way home we spotted this guy --->

Perfect for those long romantic rolls in the wind, rain, and snow.

Perfect as a shield from the paparazzi.

Perfect as that long-awaited, inconspicuous vehicle.

Hmmm...think I'll pass. Wouldn't want to blow the cool off the scale.


  1. Hard to believe you were so bad last week. Tonight from what i could see under your hood and from the rain you looked like your peppy self. keep feeling better.

  2. I missed your postings. I admire you for your fantastic sense of humor. I am disabled and your blog helps me to see some humor in a crappy situation. God bless you!

    1. Thank you! It's comments like these that push me to keep writing. Plus, I'm just no good at keeping the crazy inside.

  3. Hey Chicklet, the vid is now (finally) posted on my blog - will try to email it to you but still having issues with that. I knew things weren't good when we had to pour you into the chair, but am so glad you're feeling fiesty again!

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