Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eviction Notice

I really wanted to blog tonight. I had a post started and was trying hard to get thoughts out of my head.

My head however, would not cooperate.

My lungs were hating me and showing it.

I would type something and try to twist it enough for it to make sense, but it wouldn't work. The whole air exchange thing wasn't exactly running on all cylinders. There's likely an occupational health and safety citation I could utilize here.

I simply could not get a deep breath.

My pulmonary functions were working overtime. Security was called in. Bouncers even.

I tried deep breathing. I tried distraction. I took my puffers. I desperately inhaled my aerosols...until finally it calmed a bit.

I will not lie - there was some rocking action.

I finally decided that I had worked hard enough and I deserved to relax; I got my feeds together and made my way to the bed made of pillows.

Lying here, propped up, calm and serene, as well as just being awesome, has enabled a light bulb to snap on in me head and cast a soft glow over the city.

I have an iPhone (to which I may or may not be addicted) and I have blogging access.

Hence the words you have just read.

My stupid lungs have chilled out. They've ceased attacking. Happily, they are still operating.

Perhaps they were just toying with me.

Just wait until I give them their final eviction notice.


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