Tuesday, 9 October 2012

An appetite once again

I woke this morning and braced myself for another craptastic day.

However...I rose, detached myself from the feeds and carried them, Ox, Cletus, and my body out of the bedroom.

I didn't even fall down, crack my face open, and knock myself out.

I made it through my aerosols and discovered that my body was not trying to resume its abnormal obsession with my bed. I had energy enough to get in the shower AND not flounder back to bed.

There was too much fun to be had anyway. Bonnie and I went here today:

I was able to meet a lot of the staff and get a tour from Joanna. We may have done something else today, but I am hush hush at the moment. If I speak, there is danger of being banished from all the Starbucks in the land...

Joanna & I trying hard not to look ridiculous
By the time we were done @ CFC I was starrrrving. I haven't been hungry in awhile, so it was kind of like when you suddenly remember that word you've been searching for in your brain for days. Or that song. Or the name of that person you met in 2004. Or finding keys you miss placed. Or spotting a sweet pair of red kicks.

Or when you finally get to take off your stuffy work clothes and replace them with comfy pants. 

After we ate I spotted this:

Did ya really think I could stay off it?


  1. love the HOT cop car that you found, but there was no HOT police office to go with that. You are such a kid Jess. I am glad that you are feeling a little better then before. Tell Bonnie to keep up the good food and feeding you well. That turkey soup is helping. Miss u. Love u lots.

    1. I passed the message along :) Love you & miss you too.

  2. That yellow sweater looks fabulous on you. what a lovely colour on you. glad you are feeling better and hungry? now that is a good sign. so what is your favourite dessert? does Bonnie do desserts?

    1. Thanks! My beautiful friend Rasha gave me that yellow blouse.

      As far as my favorite dessert...apple crisp!!

  3. I can't find my Starbucks card.....did I leave it at your place?

  4. Is that a coin insert car? Heeheehee

  5. Ok could you look any better in yellow?? Wowwiee!! It must be because it reminds you of banannas and how much you love the taste of them!? I asked momma bear on Turkey Day if there was any possible way to send you some Turkey? She made me smile one big ass smile when she told me that Bonnie aka the bestest god-mamma bear, would be makig it for you :))) I have to admit tho, it wasn't the same without the traces of food you would have dropped all over the table in your spot! I spent a long time trying to make Seja understand that she couldn't go swimming, finally she seemed to understand when I told her that the pool was tired and need to sleep while it was cold so it would ready for us all again in the Sun! She must have said "the pool is sleeping" 100 times lol. Mom and I kicked some you know what in the washers game against Robert and Nick..I couldn't get Madison away from the twins! I missed you very very much, as always! I can't wait to get up there and enjoy a tall blond with ya!

    Love you way to much Big Sissy ♥
    Lil Sis xo

    1. It was my first turkey day away from my turkey family :(
      But it was awesome to skype with them, Seja is too cute and incredibly smart. I'm assuming you were late as usual!
      Can't wait to have you here! Love you lung time...x0

  6. If you need help remembering the name of a person you met in 2004, just ask me.