Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rainy Weekend

It's been raining for awhile and looks like it'll continue to do so this entire week. If anyone should happen to get flooded, just check for lungs floating by, k?

Once you spy a set, chuck them into an cooler, stuff it with ice and direct it my way. Also, if you paid attention to my blog a couple of days ago, stop by the Dollar Store, grab the supplies and let's get this thing started.

Crack me open like a can of pop.

I spent the entire weekend catching up on relaxing...a bit different than last weekend.

Yesterday I talked to my (soon to be) sister-in-law, Em. Her daughter (my niece and Goddaughter) Taylor, turned 2 in August. T is in the middle of potty training. Nothing but a good time, right?

T was in the bathroom doing her thing. She finished, stood up...and the potty stood with her, seems the thing was a bit stuck. As liquid is, well liquid, it went everywhere. Em started to clean it up when T stopped her. "No mama, my mess, I clean it."  

OMG adorable.

So Em, I'm thinking...I have a condo that needs upkeep, you have a Molly Maid wannabee daughter. Feel free to ship T to Toronto. If she could get here in time to clean up my breakfast mess tomorrow that would be perfect.

It's good to always have a plan.

Today Brad's aunt stopped by for a visit as she's in Toronto. She brought me a present from Judy (Brad's mom). All kinds of goodies inside. Who needs to go trick or treating when the treat bag comes right to you:

Not sure why there weren't lungs inside. Next time Judy, next time.
Thanks Judy! I haven't taken the slippers off. Never will. Will wear them to bed, in the shower, around the town, during the operation, etc.

Fun fact: I am involved in a fantasy NBA league. It's run by my brother Jason. He got me on board last year and I did extremely well...came in second last.

We did the draft today. I was so nervous, as it's freaking intense. You have to think fast and pretend you know what you're doing. You watch others snap up the exact players you want on your team and then snatch up your backups. Next you desperately search for an alternative while sucking back truckloads of caffeine.

Jason probably thinks he's got it in the bag this year. What he doesn't realize is that Kobe Bryant and I happen to be best friends (we go way back) and he's going to ensure I take home the win.

You hear that Jason?? It's my year buddy.

Also, I have big scary muscles from physio, so you should be scared.


  1. I am starting my Monday with a smile, thanks to you Jessica. I enjoy the humour in your blog and love knowing how things are in TO. Now that you have had a week to recover from the dry run I am expecting Cletus to open his big mouth any day now. Love you, Linda D.

    1. And you do agree with me right??? I'm going to annihilate Jason in basketball this year, right??

    2. I do not know a lot about the NBA, I thought you was talking football, lol. Anyway I checked with my people and was told that Jessica has you to the mat Jason, you may as well throw in the towel now, your little sister has the edge. Jessica, watch out for those Chelsea rules, got a feeling the rules may change to ensure "someone wins". Love you both, Linda D.

  2. Hey linda I started my morning with a laugh as well, but not for the same reasons. Jess thinks she will win the basketball pool, now that is FUNNY! Your lucky I felt bad for you and gave you a few hints along the way ;) Oh ya and about Tay joining you in TO...that would come with a price. I am thinking court side seats when the Lakers come to town this year. To me this is a very fair deal, tell your people to contact my people and we will get it done.


    1. Now don't be jealous cause Kobes and I are tight. I understand it's hard for you to hear but if you're nice I'll think about introducing you.
      As far as courtside seats - agreed! T and I will love the game :)