Sunday, 30 September 2012

The exchange...almost

Heather and I spent Saturday morning doing girly stuff - perusing the St. Lawrence Market and Winners. I refrained from purchasing any rings. I have willpower. It's hard though when the jewelry lady looks at you with such hope in her eyeballs.

And then...

L-dawg arrived. She barely acknowledged my existence, instead sweeping me aside in search of a bean burrito.

We spent last night at the Hamilton's. They wanted to say hola to Lindsay and say adiĆ³s to Heather all at the same time (you can tell I'm fluent in Spanish). We decided to walk/wheel there. Along the way we saw something I didn't think I'd see in Toronto - a freaking yard sale...and I use that term loosely. Buddy didn't exactly have any customers; likely didn't have any all day. 

He had junk that the junk yard would throw up.

The support person exchange was supposed to happen today. Heather flew out; Pamela and I drove her to the airport. I tried my hardest not to cry, but ended up bawling my face off. Seriously, it fell off, rolled around on the ground twitching and doing back flips.

Heather was really excited to get home...and then she didn't.

Her flight was diverted to Saint John, New Brunswick. She doesn't get to fly home until tomorrow. She's hunkered down in a hotel, perhaps sipping on a brewski?

Bonnie was supposed to be here today at 6:40 pm.


Nope. That didn't happen.

Apparently there's tonnes of H2O being poured down on Halifax. Cars are driving with their hazard lights on; some pulled over. This, combined with a reported sinkhole on the runway, has all flights cancelled. Either that or all the planes and/or pilots are getting makeovers.

Bonnie is holed up at her son's house for the night and will be here tomorrow.

Every time someone I love leaves Toronto, a ripple of sadness surges through me and tries to take me down. It's hard watching them go for a number of reasons: 1) I will miss them 2) They are leaving me and I don't know when I'll see them again **sucks** and 3) I wasn't able to sneak on the plane and go home with them.

For now I will continue to make memories, enjoy the view...


...and wait for the fantastical new windbags.


  1. They will be fantastical, Squeeg... xoxox

  2. You are going yo have so much fun with Bonnie!! I'm very jealous actually!! I guess you just have to keep thinking of ur time in Toronto as a vacation that will end in the bestest way it possibly could..with fantastical new windbags...the only downfall will be that you'll never shut up then!! lol

    Love you like crazy!! ♥

    Lil Sis

    1. You should be jealous. Bonnie, Lindsay and I are having an amazing time, doing amazing things, seeing amazing people and just being amazing.