Friday, 28 September 2012

I spy and a GI guy

I woke up this morning and then wished I hadn't.

I just reeeeally wanted to stay in bed today and be motionless. If I hadn't had clinic today, I definitely would have stapled myself to the mattress. 

Instead I drug my comatose-like self out to the couch, plopped down and plugged in. The aerosols helped me feel a bit more human. The shower after that made me feel even more alive. Crazy what soap and a song can do, eh?

I had an appointment at the GI clinic for 1:00. As I had to have an x-ray beforehand, we got there early so we could get in and out. However, life doesn't work that way does it? Things were a bit all over the place and a bit backed up, but finally I had the x-ray and came face to face with the GI doc. He deduced that the c difficile is back.

Such great news...cause I really missed it. 

We left the hospital and headed to the Eaton Centre. I understand that it sounds like I'm a shopaholic. In reality I'm far from it; a perfect Saturday for me involves the NBA and a bucket load of tall hazelnut blondes, not the word 'sale'.

However, Heather leaves in 2 days and we had some stuff to do. Also, the mall can be a very interesting place to people watch.

I had honestly given up on the whole money-and-junk holder situation. I had decided that I'd just wait, or have Red pick one out for me instead.

We were on our way to our last stop before heading home when I spied some good looking bags in a store. We beat it into the store and I found it! Underground purse cartel - eat that!

The search is over folks. You can stop holding your breath. Put this in your journal tonight:

Males, try and control yourselves.

You know how when you have something new you expect the whole world to notice it? Like I should step outside my building and have everyone who lays eyes on me notice my new money bag. I'll let you know how that goes. I'll likely be swarmed; may have to hire security and carry a billy club.

On the way back we noticed there was filming going on in the park again. They begged me to take on a significant role, but you know, I had other things to do. Like stare at my new purse and scream at the c diff.

They're either props or I've been teleported to NYC
That blinding light on the right isn't the porthole to heaven

Turns out they are filming 'Nikita'. Weird. I thought that show was cancelled years ago. Then I looked it up and it turns out that it's 'La Femme Nikita' (from the '90's) that I was thinking of.

My bad.

I have solid proof that I'm losing my mind. After reading this you will know to never expect me to remember who you are, much less if we hung out together at any point:

(Skyping with Red tonight)

Me - did you see my nails?
Red - duh, I was on skype with you when Heather was painting them
Me - oooooh
Red - your brain activity has really ceased hasn't it?

Therefore, I am not responsible for anything crazy that I may do. Yay me.

Thanks to the Silvers for the cards!!!

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  1. Finally you got the bag, fussy, fussy. It looks like it was worth the hunt. I am thinking those new shiney lungs will be even finer. Come on Cletus, do your thing, lets get this show on the road. We are looking forward to having our twisted sister back home in NS and look forward to the day that you will tell us, I have new lungs, I am going home!!!!