Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Enter Godmama, Exit Silver

Okay, the story was wrong the other day. Some miscommunication and what ev.

Heather flew in to Moncton, NB and was then flown to St. John's, NFLD for the night. She's been around...missed touring the entire Atlantic by one province. I've heard she loves Newfoundland and wants to drag her husband there. He says no to flying, well...there's always the ocean --->

And then there's the godmama. That 9:30 AM flight took off yesterday...just not with her excited self on board.

Porter put her on a 5PM flight and I met her at the airport. She spent the entire day at the airport being extremely patient and watching while another woman busted veins right outta her face yelling at the Porter staff.

Linds and I were on our own at physio yesterday. She caught on to the routine quickly and tried her best to crack the whip while I was on the bike. Sorry L-dawg, this ain't a dictatorship..unless I'm the dictator. Yup, that's right.

If I had it my way I'd have the support people doing squats all over the place, wearing neon coloured uniforms and repeating "Jessicool" over and over. 

Speaking of squats, I was sent the following picture of my squat buddies:

Seems the boys missed me at physio today
Since they make physio so entertaining, I've requested a change in schedule. I am going to do my best to be there and annoy them as much as possible. Sorry boys, you've had fair warning...I don't want to hear any whining while I'm kicking arse in everything physical.

This morning Hilda and Craig came over. Craig (aka owner & operator of the scissors that cut Hugh Jackman's hair) touched up my hair today. As usual, he did a dynamite job.

This was me
So by touched up I mean - made the big bad gray hair leave my head. Except, technically it didn't leave, it's just 'undercover'. Should we discuss how sad it is that I'm only 33 and am dealing with gray (however I prefer silver) hair? How about the fact that I got my first silver at the tender age of 19?  

Why couldn't I be going blonde instead, or at the very least, some sort of funkified shade? 

Hilda brought Adjey over so that he and the G-man could have a play date. Adjey is his best bud. They sniffed each other, barked in each other's faces, salivated in each other's faces, threw their bodies all over the place, played scrabble and had a photo shoot (they think it was for Modern Dog Magazine, so let's keep that going).

Uhh, how 'bout that treat?
Thanks Craig!

Bonnie took me for a stroll in the wheelchair today and only attempted to off me once. Completely different story yesterday. Lindsay was very obvious in her assassination attempts. The almost dumps off the chair were one thing, but when she tried to hurl me into traffic I finally figured it out.

She knows she gets all my shoes upon my demise.

However, I have her blackmailed. If she makes one more attempt, I will release the video footage of her watching Justin Trudeau announcing his candidacy for the leader of the Liberal Party. Trust me, it's quite a show.

Before you click the X in the top right corner, take a second and check out a news piece about the Newfoundland parents of a cystic, who are advocating for CF newborn screening here.


  1. Enter Godmama, Exit Sliver...who took out the sliver for ya?
    Yes, the boys did miss you today, but understand that Craig had his hands full of your hair for the afternoon. Looking forward to meeting Bonnie and coaching the Squat team on Thursday!

  2. Obviously I was sleep-typing when I typed that. Oops!!!

  3. I kinda liked it the way it were!