Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's A Girl Thing

Just wondering, who do you think is the coolest of these 3?

Wait, I think we can do better...

...I knew it!

I had a super fabuloso time with my girls over the weekend. Seeing Red & Rasha was just what I needed to get me through a surge of homesickness.

Yesterday we boarded the Hamilton SUV to Yorkville. Plan was to spot a celebrity, say hi, become best friends, and do lunch.

Pamela knows what to do

It would no doubt go down like so:

We would locate one, we would strut on over, I would nonchalantly say "hey" and walk on by. Recognition would cross their face, fireworks would explode in their eyeballs and they would turn and give chase.

Next they would yell "wait!" and beg me to stop. I would turn around and gaze at them in a "yes, can I help you?" sort of way. They would say, "aren't you that extremely cool blogger with the crusty blowers?"

Then they would signal for their security team, haul us away in high style, and we'd spend the rest of the day drinking tall hazelnut blondes and swapping lies.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always play out the way you want it to. Instead we ended up turning down all the offers of a crazy good time with the stars, and spent a wild Saturday night in our pj's on the couch telling stories and eating Mr. Noodles.

Red left this morning. It's very sad.

However, she did steal my red mug for her coffee the other day, so maybe it's for the best. And to make matters worse, I then looked for my favorite red plate, for my bagel, and my other so called "friend" Rasha, had her breakfast on it.

WOW guys. Not cool.

Today Rasha (I get to keep her until Tuesday!), Heather and I went out to explore the city. Somehow that turned into searching for a purse for me. Mine is all crusty; matches my lungs. We searched high, low, under ground, in Lake Ontario, but nothing.

Heather and Rasha took turns wheeling me around. They got a taste of the wheelchair life and how unfriendly it is. Stores are not exactly set up for wheelchairs; we knocked a few things around and ran over a few children.

As I clearly did all the work today, I'm utterly exhausted. I got on the floor to have some G-man time and my body decided to stay there. I only revived myself to get to the table and force some rice down my throat (or Heather would have). My body is revolting and this is my face:


  1. The measure of a good visit with best friends is directly related to the intensity of the fatigue when the visiting is done. Sounds like you're well on the way to completing a most Excellent visit with your besties!
    Well done, and get rested cause tomorrow is a Treadmill day!

  2. You're def the coolest, Jess. You're the only one wearing a bridle. xoxox

  3. Jessica I have been following you on your blog and you always bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. What a strong brave young lady and yes the COOLEST by far !!!!!!!!! Wanda :)

    1. Thanks Wanda! Keep reading and you will be as cool as me ;)

  4. You are looking funny after all, as it was really a busy weekend for a person like you who lost his favorite red coffee mug and red favorite plat and no other than your best friend did it for you. This is one of the most 11 funny moments for me.

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