Friday, 14 September 2012

The surprises...they keep on keeping on!

How many surprises can one girl handle??

As many as you want to throw at her.

Red's back!!!!!

When she walked in the door I was as stunned as I was when I saw my friend Heather in the hospital back in July (as I was being wheeled along on the stretcher). I'm not sure I even understood who Red was and why she was in my condo...then she slapped my face a few times and I came back to planet earth.

What an awesome surprise!!!

I was actually starting to get a bit homesick and feeling kinda emotional, so this was the perfect pick me up. Everything was making me teary...messages from family, friends and random people, sappy commercials and the G-man's little brown eyeballs.

And to make things even more fantastical - another of my besties is here!!

I'm sort of scared for the people of this city as we are about to be let loose.


Just what exactly does the NHL have to do with a lung transplant?

Last night I dreamed that I got THE call. THE CALL!

Except there was mucho weirdness. It's all a bit foggy, but I know it involved the NHL. In order to get the new blowers I was required to dress up in hockey gear and recite hockey facts and figures.

Sounds logical though, right?

I may not be a walking hockey encyclopedia, but how about I trade this cow for lungs?


  1. That's awesome! You girls are going to have a blast!

    Maybe this time Ashton Kutcher's dad won't dis you by taking a call in the middle of a conversation.

    My post and Gil's post from yesterday didn't come up. Weird. Basically, we all said that you are pretty cool, bla bla bla.
    You must be so bored hearing that, with your new found celebrity and all.

    You deserve the kudos.

    See you soon
    Sandra R

    1. Your comment made me LOL for real. Thanks!

      Yes, my coolness is undeniable ;)

  2. I'll take the NHL thing as an omen - a good omen... I had a friend, a fellow CFer, who was waiting for lungs. He went to a hockey game. Though, it was the minors, it was a feeder team for our NHL team. He left his pager at home. Well - there were lungs - they tried to reach him and failed several times. Finally, calling back-up numbers they reached his family who were aware that he was at the game. They sent the police over - they used the arena's public address system to "page" him. He was successfully transplanted and about a year later there was a big story in one of our local papers about his hockey adventure and the lengths our center went to in order to contact him and bring him in!

    Keep your beeper with you, dammit! You would look good decked out in hockey gear. I'd ask to be a goalie, they get to wear more stuff and look like a standing mattress. You take care, Jess...

    Love, Steve