Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Energy Lacking

Hey Everyone!

This is Jessica's lovely assistant once again. Jess isn't having the best of days, so I decided to give you all an update and give Jess a break. Her energy levels are not up to par these days. She really isn't sure what's going on but were guessing it's all part of this wonderful journey. I'm guessing that it's from chasing all of the celebrities around Toronto for the past week. Jess denies those allegations and claims her exhaustion is caused from her training for the 100 meter sprint in the 2016 Olympics.......... Hmmm, I wonder who is right???

Anyway, she will be back blogging soon and as always, she sends her love



  1. Thanks for the update, B-rad!!! I have y'all on my feed - and I'll be honest, when a message doesn't pop up in a few days I worry about Jess.

    I think worrying is OK - it's just a nervous form of caring. And yes - I remember the $hitty days peppered throughout the wait. They tend to remind us that this is real, and remarkably offset those crazy days when you're thinking, "do I really NEED new lungs? I can get along like this for a long time..."

    Jess and you are in my thoughts. Tell her to quit being such a slacker.

    Love, Steve

    1. Come on up to Toronto; I'll kick your butt in a squat competition!

    2. Listen Girlie...

      Tuesday afternoon I climbed 99 commercial floors (2,079 steps...) -- this afternoon I'll do that again... Tuesdays and Thursdays are now our routine, training for the 103 floor Sears Tower climb on November 4th. I could easily do it twice, but I would complain and whine going up the second time MUCH more than I do the first time (and I do quite a bit of whining the first time!)

      You'd think that would help my squat performance, but it doesn't do squat for squats - you probably WOULD kick my butt in a squat competition!

      Someday you'll be whining while you're running a half marathon or something, or maybe drifting down to Chicago to climb with me - but while you're whining, like me, you and everyone who knows you will know you're secretly (and not so secretly) AMAZED at what you're doing... Squeeg - I'm 12 1/2 years out of transplant - I've had her beautiful lungs for 4,548 days as of today... Whether I'm walking to work in the morning, or out riding a bike, or in the stairwells on the 80th floor thumping upwards - every single freaking day I think about how amazing this is - I remember struggling, and I think about how free this feels now. A lot of times, like right now, my eyes will well up. All my life I'd never dreamed I could feel this good. People talk about "living the dream" - they don't even know.

      And I hope your experience, and your appreciation after transplant is like mine... I cannot wait to hear you whining, yet knowing that you're really in awe that you're doing what you're whining about. Love, Steve

  2. Hey Beautiful Bodacious & Lovely Assistant - well the celebrity hostess has worn herself out again! As long as this doesn't result in another infection - it is mixed news...boo hiss at feeling so tired; but "yipee ki ya" (to quote her fav celeb) at all that activity with the visiting peeps! Trips to the market, Yorkville, grocery store, dinners out, some UNO Spin - and all on top of maintaining that gruelling preparation for post transplant Olympics!

    Guess what, Jess? This makes you just like the rest of us...burn the candle at both ends (but not near the Squeaker, of course) and you get worn out...too bushed to bike, to tired to tread and too pooped to pump it up!

    Rest time is over, up and attem - off to the Treadmill Room and do us proud Gurl!

    1. But I can't be like the rest of you!!! I'm super human, remember???

    2. Brian & Ann Martin20 September 2012 at 19:11

      wishing you well,Jess!

    3. Thanks guys! Hope you're doing well!

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