Monday, 20 August 2012

Organ Donation Statistics 101

August 20th - Cletus remains quiet.

I randomly gaze into his little face to check that I haven't missed his call. Sometimes I think I hear him laughing at me. Sometimes he talks back to me and I think I will put him in a time out. Then I realize, I can't do that. I can't rip his guts (batteries) out and makes his face shut down.

I need Cletus. I need Cletus more than he needs me. I am completely at his mercy. He can taunt me, smirk at me and laugh at me all he the end all I want from him is to hear his little voice box screech at me.

Then, him and I will have our day.

You wanna go, punk??

Brad & I just want you to go off before he leaves.

*****fingers crossed*****

Let's do a little statistics 101 shall we?
*These are Ontario only*

71 - number of old crusty lungs thrown in the garbage in exchange for some new beauts so far this year (well actually they don't get thrown in the garbage. Instead they are dissected and other medical crap happens...I have a few ideas on what I'd do with anyone???)

75  - number of us waiting for our turn to dive on the table (perhaps a tuck dive – body folded up in a tight ball, hands holding the shins and toes pointed), have our chests ripped open, our old disgusting, sticky, black lungs torn out and new-to-us, healthy, ready-for-nothing-but-fun-lungs shoved inside

106 - people in my age category waiting for organs (however, as with Santa - all ages are important)

44 - females waiting for windbags (so we can chase the boys faster)

31 - males waiting for windbags (so they can chase the ladies faster)

Just like my life in Toronto

37 - in my blood group waiting (A+ - best mark you can get on a test...that should count for something, eh??)

102 - lung transplants done last year (that's a whole lotta new blowas walking around)

Again, I ask you to please seriously consider organ, blood and tissue donation. Here is a great article that breaks down the sign up process by province.

There is no better time than right now to sign up to be an organ donor. This is not about me and my wait for new lungs...this is for the future. This is for anyone who is told they need new organs to survive. This is for hope.

Remember, some day you could need blood, tissue or organs. If not you...somebody you love.

How about joining me in my advocacy??

How about a challenge??

I challenge you to sign up to be a donor. I challenge you to advocate and to be LOUD about it.

Announce it on your Facebook status and plead others to do the same. Tweet it. Throw it in your email signature. Scream it from your front door in your slippers and housecoat.

Don't wait. We wait too long. It's what we do. We procrastinate and say "I'll do that tomorrow". Some people don't have that long. Some people I meet are very, very, very sick. Some won't make it until new organs come.

Don't let that happen to you or someone you know...someone you love.

Over 4000 Canadians are waiting for an organ transplant to save their lives. 

The best way to leave this world is knowing that when you do, you can potentially save lives.


  1. Here here! It's so easy to register on line...
    a chance for life for to up to 8 people (who knows what their contribution to this world could be?) and countless lives changed thru tissue donation...can you imagine a more extravagant gift, all from one person!
    Bonus: you won't miss these parts one bit!

  2. Absolutely beautiful post, Squeeg... For you and I, it may have been destiny - we probably knew this was a possibility pretty early in our lives - we may not have fully grasped the importance of organ donation, I'm rather ashamed to say I didn't until I was in line and kinda shocked that lungs weren't there waiting for me! But so many others have no clue until it's in their lap. Even PJ - IPF tends to develop later in life - you have a normal adult life, then it comes out of left field and decks you...

    And there are so many people - a child is born with a faulty heart - lots of love, but just not squirting appropriately... Someone has a very bad reaction from a medication and a liver or kidneys are destroyed... Someone gets a simple virus that infects the paricardium and in a few years, ends up with cardiomyopathy and needs a new heart... Someone acquires H1N1 and respiratory failure and needs new lungs... I met a fireman who rushed into a burning building to save someone and seared his lungs. My cousin, an insanely healthy cross-trainer, in his 30s, went into fulminant liver failure out of the blue and needed a liver. But, like you said, we wait too long - and until it's in our faces, we don't consider it. It's your job, and my job, to put it in their faces...

    One of my favorite moments occured a few years after I received my beautiful, new lungs - I was at a health fair - actually, the fair where I learned about, and signed up for my first Hustle stair climb... I was at a booth promoting organ donation for the American Liver Association. A man came up with his beautiful 4-5 year old daughter holding onto his finger. He was looking at some of the liver brochures - I asked him if he'd considered organ donation. He kindly and gently told me that he didn't really believe in that. I told him that I knew some people did not, others struggled with the idea - and that I was a recipient and believed it is a good thing. I smiled and looked at his daughter and asked, "imagine she needed a heart - wouldn't it be good if some person or family was there for her?" He nodded and walked on...

    About 20 minutes later, I was talking to some other people and saw him and his daughter walk up and wait behind them... When the other people walked on, he stepped up. He said, "I understand now." And he asked me about the registration process... In the past 10 years, I'm sure I've spoken to 100,000 people - but I will never forget him and his daughter.

    You take care... I'm looking forward to you and PJ with new blowers - and I'm imagining the lives you'll touch over the next 12 years!!! Love, Steve

    1. That's an incredible story. How awesome to know that you could make someone see the beauty and necessity of organ donation. Love your stories :)

  3. Hugs Steve!
    It's actually my husband who is in line for a transplant and yes, it was way out of left field when he was diagnosed! We are keeping the faith and are truly blessed to be here at the same time as Squeeg - she's one tough cookie and brings fun to our days!

    1. Oh please, what would I do without you and Carman? You keep me sane and Carman gives me someone to pick on :D

  4. I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

    1. Thanks for refreshing! Glad you hung in!