Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blue Jays, a raccoon & a Saturday night slaughter

I tipped Friday night.

Cab guy provided a good service, therefore I tipped.

I was ready not to. I reminded myself before we got in. I put my game face on. Speaking of game face...

Blue Jays won again!!!

Brad and I decided to go to the game Friday night. If you are a fan, you'll notice they lost Saturday. Brad and I weren't there Saturday. Coincidence? I think not.

If the Blue Jays were smart they would offer us free season tickets.

Thanks to Brad we ended up getting our tickets switched out for the first level:

 Sexy view of the CN Tower:
I don't think you can see, but there was a little Edge Walk action going on up there; ME NEXT!
What I want to know is, how did these faces not make it on the kiss cam??

We got back from the game and took the G-man to the park. There we were, fighting the throngs of paparazzi, when we came face to face with a:

It was weird, it ditched the garbage it was eating to come talk to us. It was carrying a camera, snapped a few photos and asked for my autograph. You can see by it's face how happy it was to run in to us.

I'm going to have to be more discreet in my public outings.

Okay, so in a boring world, what might have happened was me being freaked the freak out, as I had just read the story about the B.C. woman and her dogs getting attacked by an unprovoked raccoon. Read about it here.

All I could imagine was the thing discarding its garbage to come munch on our faces. Let's face it, Griffin would stand NO chance against a raccoon. Plus the thing was in it's eaten a few garbage cans along with the garbage.

The good news is that it only glanced up at us in the middle of stuffing something down its throat and we managed to slip by. I may or may not have been paranoid the entire time we were there. Which really sucks as if I hadn't read that damn story, I'd have been fine.


9AM - woke, did aerosols. Immediately after was overcome with exhaustion. Lumbered back to bed.

3PM - woke.

I slept half the day away! Unbelievable. I don't remember doing that ever.

I think the week with the boys, and the few days after of physio and other excitement, finally caught up to me. I was drained. When I woke I forced myself to shower. At least that lit a tiny fire in me.

I'll tell you one thing guys. It lit me up enough to pound Brad in Banana Grams last night:

Merci pour le jeu Hélène...tu nous manques!

How can I be more clear?

I annihilated, destroyed, abolished, crushed, massacred, obliterated, get the point.

Oh, big shout out inserted here ***Thanks to the Weavers for the snail mail!!!!***

Today we piggybacked off Pamela and Carman to Walmart. I started off full of energy, but eventually that came to a screeching halt. So, Brad found a solution:
His mama's so proud

Laughing at my amazing driving ability...only took out a few kids & seniors
Ever hear of the "People Of Walmart"?


  1. ha, ha so much fun today...I love the convoluted mostly lies and embellishment story of how the two of you if!!! I believe the version that involved a parole officer and accupuncture!

    You ARE the people of Walmart cysta!

    C U tamarra


  3. I love how Walmart is so accessible friendly these days. However I do not have the guts to use the motor car but I'll use the wheelchair. Hehe

  4. You need to STOP posting pics of Jays' games. I'm starting to hate you......perhaps the sun needs to finally set.