Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Feel the wierdness & drink some tea

I wanted to sleep in today. I'm starting to develop a creepy stalker-like relationship with my bed. It is a beautiful, comfortable specimen. I could lie in it for hours. Never before have I felt this sense of attachment to a piece of furniture.

However, I fought down that ever-lasting urge to lie back and sleep a million more hours and rose from the mattress made of pillows. We were having company and there is so much to do in the morning before company.

There is aerosols and feeding tube bags to be cleaned. Showers to be had, breakfast to be eaten. And this place was a weee bit messy.

Brad was Mr. Clean today:

And it was Brad who gave the G-man a bath today. I'm feeling a bit left out. Should I say something, or let this love affair continue?

Let me entertain you with a little conversation between Brad & I this morning:

Me - Should I wash my hair today?
Brad - I don't know.
me - What do you mean, you don't know? (Such a girl moment.)
Brad - Well, what if I tell you to wash it and it comes out worse than it is now?


Today Katie, Liam's girlfriend, came to visit. It was nice to spend some time with her and to listen to her and Brad exchange funny stories about Liam and his life. Who knows, perhaps Liam was planted next to us on the couch listening and having some "haha" moments of his own.

Later on I had to get out of the condo as I was feeling shack-wacky. We decided to go to the Eaton Centre so I could look for a watch (I need a watch with an alarm for post-transplant. It's essential that you take your anti-rejection meds on time, so might as well buy me a new arm clock, eh?).

I wanted to walk as I'm having a good day and we always have the option of cab or transit to come back. I did good. We went as slow as a pair of snails hauling bricks, but we made it. Also had to collapse on a mall bench for awhile, but not sure who was more tired at that point (my poor poor support worker boy).

It would take me days to go in to all the weird stuff we encounter out and about, but what happened on the way home was freaking bizarre enough for me to have to indulge.

We decided on subway/streetcar to go home. As I was following Brad, and trying to get through the turnstile with Squeaker, a woman blew between us and at the last minute realized what was going on and apologized...no big thing.

Well, it must have been eating at her, as when we got off the subway she came up to us and asked us if we needed help. I guess we were looking helpless and confused???

What city is this?
She explained how we could get out of the station and up to the street. Then she asked if we wanted her to walk with us.

**The only reason I can think of as to why I said yes was because she seemed like she realllllly wanted to and she realllllly wanted us to say yes.

So, even though we knew exactly where we were going and have done it a gazillion times....I said yes. Brad was getting the same vibe and agreed to have her escort us to the street.

It was so weird. Kinda like a dream. Neither one of us can understand exactly why she was so intrusive (and please, I don't mean that in a bad way) and why everything even went down the way it did.

You know what it felt like? To Brad, she felt like a teacher, or a tour guide...so he went with it. To me, it felt like she really just wanted this to happen and who was I to stand in the way of her dream?

Anyway, it was weird. I don't think I can express how weird it was. Just believe the weirdness. Swallow the weirdness. Let it wrap itself around you and tie itself in a bow. And then share it with someone you love.

Take a look here at these amazing young men who are biking across Canada for CF. It's incredible and inspiring. These guys don't have CF, but yet they are giving up their summer to raise money for it. I'm sad I didn't know about them earlier, as I would have met them while they were in Toronto. And it likely would have made their summer to meet my fabuloso red kicks.

Wondering if any of you drink blueberry tea? Herbal tea, not the cocktail. We tried it a few days ago and added 1 sweetener. Ugh! Gross! Way too sweet, way too overwhelming.

Today was try number 2 for moi...minus the sweetener.

We have a winna!

From what I've been reading, here are some of the health benefits:

  • cleans toxins from the body
  • prevents certain cancers
  • helps to improve liver function
  • helps to improve vision (thank god - my vision's crusty)
  • enhances brain function
  • slows down the process of aging
I feel it after just 1 cup. The toxins have left the building, all cancers are being prevented, my liver is grinning, my glasses are simply for aesthetics at this point, my brain cells are on fire and I'm back to being 23!

Incredible! Hmmmm....wonder if it reverses lung damage?

Thanks Bonnie for the snail mail!!


  1. You are quite the writer! Keep making me laugh Jess :)

  2. Weirdness aside - that was pretty cool that she came back and chatted, wanted to make amends - must be your crusty hair or hot as fire personality...wait did I get that right...should it be on fire hair and crusty personality? Think I'll go make tea...hold on...it'll come to me!

    So nice that you got to spend some time with Katie - good for all of you I'm sure!

    Sooo much fun at Games Night, thanks for coming!

    1. Last night was great; thanks for being the hostess with the mostess!