Monday, 13 August 2012

Oh Canada, what a Wonderland

How do I describe the day???

I think I left my lungs, and all other organs, back at Wonderland.

Crazy, awesome, ridiculous funnnnnnnn!

I was the first one up and immediately woke up the boys. Actually, Andrew was just coming out of their room and I scared him. Gotta get the excitement going, the heart pumping, the juices flowing, yada, yada, yada.

When we finally spotted Canada's Wonderland, this was me:

Except, within the confines of a seat belt, of course

Have I mentioned how much of a little kid I am when it comes to amusement parks???

We finally got inside the gate. I was so excited. I'm honestly not sure who was more excited, Lukas, Jacob, Andrew or myself. Although, there were times when I think pushing the wheelchair was what they found the most exciting.

The boys found the bumper cars right away, and while they were kicking some butt on those, Brad and I went to guest services on the recommendation of a Wonderland employee. Turns out you can get a "Boarding Pass" when in a wheelchair.

Well, I always knew that being stuck in a wheelchair would get you somewhere sweet.

The boarding pass allowed us to basically not stand in line. We would go to a ride's exit and a Wonderland employee would give us a time to come back and get on the ride (this is so disabled people can wait comfortably instead of in a line). Except sometimes we were let on right away!! So cool. Normally, the pass is for the disabled person and 1 other guest only, but of course Brad does his smooth talking and we get it for 4 people.

We did a couple of rides and then were starving. I definitely recommend getting the "Backyard Cookout" deal. For $10/person we were fed hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, potato salad, rotini and pop. All you can eat.

From the boys stomachs to Canada's Wonderland - thank you.

What we did next was heart slamming, jaw dropping and drool exaggeration, I did all 3:

Jake in front of the insane coaster

Let me explain what went down. When the Wonderland employee asked us where we wanted to sit Jacob piped up with "THE FRONTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Right then and there I almost had my first heart attack. I love me some scary roller coaster, but front seat, what???

I take off the oxygen and exit the wheelchair. Walk to the coaster seat and sit down. Strap in. 2nd near heart attack.

They announce the safety rules and lock the bars that hold you in. 3rd near heart attack.

We take off. We climb. Higher and higher. And higher. I look to my right and there's the CN Tower in the distance. 4th near heart attack.

We get to the top and there's no way to back out. We inch closer and closer to the drop off. My heart is threatening to throb itself right through my chest cavity. My breathing is having trouble breathing. 

Where's the damn bipap now????

We roll over the top and Straight To Our Graves.  

Let me break it down for you:

Length of ride: 1,672m
Height of ride: 306'
Descent angle: approx. 80°
Speed of 1st drop: approx. 148 km/h

The whole thing was nothing short of barbaric...and it was the best part of the day!!!

We get off and I am so breathless that the O2 is immediately turned up upon being strapped to my face. It takes awhile, but I finally can breathe again. Everyone thinks I hated it....finally I can tell them "THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE!!!!!"

Apparently, in this photo, I resemble Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants

I reluctantly show the above picture for 2 reasons:

1. To remind myself of how sick (skeletal) I look and to make anyone who thinks skinny is sexy to rethink that


2. Because if I don't put it out there...Brad will

I honestly can't top that, but here are more pictures of the fabuloso day:

Had a perfect day with all my boys. They are at the Jays game (yes, again) right now. I was too tired to go. Need to save my energy for the rest of the craziness the week is no doubt to bring.

I may need to learn how to meditate.


  1. Rock the chair, rock the kickin' runners, rock the Treadmill room, why not rock the park? Sounds like an amazing day and sending the boys off to see the Jays while you calm your heart for Physio sounds like a good strategy. Keep up the fun! C U Soon!

  2. Omg you went on the rollar coaster! And without your o2??? Your a rebel!

  3. Love the last pic of all five of you! Glad you enjoyed your day...I would never have been able to do that rollar coaster!

    1. It was sooooo intense. The first drop felt like death itself. Straight down.