Sunday, 12 August 2012

Toronto doesn't stand a chance

I spent Friday being babysat by Pamela & Carman again.


I really don't think I can include Carman as a babysitter, as he too needs to be babysat.

So, to clarify, I spent another day being babysat by Pamela. Love you Pamela! Get this: she feeds me and everything!

Her daughter was in town Friday, but spent the night at a walk in clinic while her mom looked after the rest of us. Doesn't really seem fair, eh? Sorry Danica!

Saturday morning, Brad's brother's mother-in-law Marie (got that?) & her brother came to visit. Actually, they arrived only 15 minutes prior to the guy Sandra Rinomato calls my "incredible hunk of man".

Sandra, the rules are 1 tall hazelnut blonde for 1 date with Brad.

Great visit, shed some, ok lots, of tears as we described the emotional week. Then we spent the rest of Saturday both relaxing and tearing around trying to get ready for the boys.

Yup!!!! Boys are here!!!!

It was so awesome to see their faces. I got the biggest hugs (all 25 lbs of me almost got crushed, but my outstanding muscles saved the day...or the girl I guess?) and the hugest grins. They each had a present for me!!

Luke - an angel necklace
Jacob - a rock that says "believe"
Andrew - an angel pin

They started off by having a debate about who was going to push me in the chair first. Luke fixed that by planting his body behind it and disengaging my brakes. We had to assure them that they would get equal time pushing the chair (see how cool you can be in a wheelchair?? You can attract children, dogs and random craziness.)

We got upstairs and they burst through the condo door. I've never seen anyone so excited to see a place. They think it is very "cool" here and loooooove the king bed - which is what the 3 of them are sleeping in as I type.

The night was just nuts. Our condo is officially renamed the 2nd Toronto:

When we declared peace on earth (otherwise known as bedtime), the boys didn't even argue and quickly sank into a deep sleep after exclaiming over and over how awesomely comfy the bed is.

I mentioned it's like sleeping on pillows; nothing like a little affirmation from kids.

Today we were woken at the depraved hour of 6 AM. I had to beg on my hands and knees (not really, but it sounds entertaining) for them to sleep for just 1 more hour.  Only farmers, priests and shift workers are up at that time on a Sunday, right?

They listened! They said, in a very nice manner, "Okay".

All was quiet. I couldn't believe it was that easy!


giggles, voices, movement...

6:20 AM - If you can't beat em, join em.

Today we went to a Blue Jays game. Here's proof:

Carrie Freaking Underwood threw out the 1st pitch. Of course, I was too busy breathing or something to see it. Brad sent a tweet out to Carrie about me & trying to hook up a meeting...but she didn't bite. Unfortunately, as she didn't respond, Brad deleted it. I guess he does that every time he tries to reach out to a celebrity and they don't respond.

Obviously, these celebrities don't know what they're doing.

Brad tweets under the handle:

@PerfectMatch8 and you can view his twitter stuff here

He tweets to Canadian health officials, the Prime Minister & certain celebrities, advocating for presumed consent.

Presumed consent - where it is assumed thatunless a person has opted out, they are automatically considered an organ donorupon their death

Take a look at this article

Here are some real pics of the game:

Jays won 10-7!!! Probably because we were there.

Here's the boys tonight at the park with Cynthia, one of our park friends. She bought them each gelato for helping her out with her dogs, Mason &Nadia:

Cynthia is their new hero
How you liking Toronto boys?
Time for much, much, much, much, much (overboard?) needed sleep so we can go nuts tomorrow at Canada's Wonderland!!!


  1. So I was wondering what you do when you see another person wearing oxygen? Do you go up and talk to them? ask them what they have? or smile? or give the nod? or just ignore? high five?

    Strangely I know there got to be lots of people with oxygen.. I just don't see them!!!? In the past 6 years I've been on oxygen I think I've only seen about 5 people wearing oxygen in public. I'm just so curious!!

    1. I don't see many outside the hospital wearing O2...but when I do I usually do talk to them. Why not? We're all just fighting for the same thing - to breathe. It's kind of like being in a club. The kind where we don't know each other and never meet.

  2. Hey Jess, So happy you have all your boys in one place with you for a while! Good idea getting them to get some sleep, or a little sleep...good luck with that for the rest of the week. Let me know if you want to get in a game of B-ball while they are here...
    We're enjoying our visit with Dj, Matt & Teddy (I'm getting my fix of company on morning walks, so you could say I'm doing the T-man step down program from walking with the G-man), best not to quit outright!

    I linked you on my blog and some of our friends are following you now as well...we're working on Assumed Consent one friend at a time...
    Have fun at Wonderland! C U tomorrow

    1. Glad you are having a great visit! It's super cool having the boys here. I think the b-ball is a really good idea. Will let you know.
      Thanks for linking me...I'll have to remember to link you.

  3. Enjoy the boys and share the precious time. You will all make many memories to talk and laugh about for years to come!! Take care and you are being very well looked after. So believe the angels are watching over you!! Three young men!! You are blessed. Take care

    1. Thanks BooBear! I completely agree. I wish I knew who you were...