Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A rant, A park & A haircut

CF Clinic:

- The place where you know you'll be for a minimum of 3 hours.
- Where you will perform breathing tests that will knock the wind right out of you and yet you feel like a champion for even getting through them.
- Where there are people who genuinely want to see your mucous.
- Where you will be asked every invasive question possible...and answer without batting an eye.
 - Where you will close your eyes as you step on the scale and actually pretend you are an elephant.
"Don't tell, but I am hiding a trunk full of H2O!"
Clinic was yesterday. I was in and out in 3.5 hours. Brad and the boys wheeled me there and then went to the Eaton Centre (there was no way the boys would survive waiting around for that long). I honestly didn't mind the wait as I talked to 4 different people who were waiting. I'm sure the one woman didn't want to talk, but I'm annoyingly persistent. Plus, it allowed me to talk about organ donation.

Two hours later they returned and I had just completed my PFTs (pulmonary function tests) and was waiting for the doctor. Jake wanted to stay and keep me company while the others went home. What did Jake get out of that experience? He learned a lot of big medical words.

We grabbed a taxi on the way home. I have a bit of a gripe here. 

I gave cranky cab driver a good tip and HE SAID NOTHING!

No thank you. No goodbye. No nothing.

I'm done. Done tipping just cause.

Buddy was cranky the entire few minutes he was with us. Jake and I were very polite and friendly. Buddy was probably too cranky from a fight with his girlfriend or something to worry about being polite and professional to us.

Tips should be earned. I do not have to give you my money.

As I stated to my friend...that was my tipping point.

***Rant over***

Yesterday was also $5 Tuesday at the cinema. We decided to go back with the boys to see The Dark Knight Rises.

What a good movie. Honestly, perhaps my fav. I don't normally like watching a movie over again that soon, but loooooved it! The boys loved it. Everyone loved it.

2 things:

1. Last time we went to this movie the audience clapped. I'm not sure what that's about. The cast and crew are not there. Who are they clapping for? At least that made me laugh.

2. Buddy last night, 1 row behind us to the right, was sleeping. Not only was he sleeping...he was snoring!!!!
Kinda looks like me on the Leviathan, except my eyes were open
We got home and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, so decided to lay down for a minute. 2 hours later I woke in time for NY Med, which was showing a CF patient getting a double-lung transplant. I soak up anything transplant or CF related.

This morning started off with a visit from Pamela. She brought some bbq supplies (as she was knows we have next to nothing here) and some cookies for the boys. So sweet. Pamela I mean. Cookies too. Boys quickly started shoving them down their throats.

Thanks Pamela! - From the boys

Today was physio. It went well. I had a couple of great helpers. Luke took the 1st shift, Jake the 2nd, and Andrew came in at the end. They worked hard and cleaned the machines like they were getting paid by Molly Maid. Very proud.

They even posed for proof at the end:

I know boys, exactly how I feel about the squats
After physio we spent over an hour at the park. It was packed. Dogs everywhere. Humans too. There was chaos all over the place. I have proof of that too:

There goes Henry...

...and Andrew right behind
Later on was more park. I've already explained some of the randomness/craziness that goes on at the park. Well...tonight I got a bang trim:
I hope Craig has night vision
Before I go, I need to thank Vanessa for the card and letter (really appreciated), Nanny R - my second letter from her (means so much), my God Momma Bonnie sent me a letter (you are awesome) and Jackie and her girls sent a card and pictures - beautiful girls!!!

There is nothing like snail mail!!!


  1. I love snail mail too! I make sure to send things via snail mail to my niece and nephew all the time!

    Sounds like you are having too much fun :P hehe

  2. Making the most of an otherwise sucks-big-time situation! As Hélène reminded us just before she went home..."we're here waiting for a transplant, but that does NOT mean our life is on hold! Make the most of where you find yourself!" That is our mission, work hard at physio, do your best to get good breaths and LIVE.

    So glad the boys enjoyed the cookies (hope you got a few chocolate crumbs too). Thanks go tto my sister, Penny, and brother-in-law, Tim (she the baker, he the transporter - yes, my very own Jason Stathom!) He was coming to TO for meetings so she packed his suitcase full of treats and told him to buy a new toothbrush when he got here if his didn't fit in :o)

    Can't wait to see the results of the "Dark Bangs Rises"...
    Too bad about taxi dude - I've had the same experience (also on a trip that was too short for him to bother with) but the other 99% we've had here in TO have been wonderful and helpful (even when the Rollator is frustrating to load). I know a Tiguan driver who loves transporting you and now won't get any tips...

    The boys look fantastic in blue gloves! There's nothing like a new coach from time to time to make physio fun...ok, squats are not fun but still...

    1. Oh, I think we are definitely making the most of this experience. Boys loved the cookies, thanks again!
      I will give you lots of tips....stay between the yellow lines. Stop at the red lights.
      More to come.