Thursday, 5 July 2012

Towering over Toronto

Another day down. Another day in the wheelchair, spinning around.

Two more days of huge, white, monster antibiotics. They go charging down my throat to do battle with this nasty infection.  So far....not seeing much improvement. I will have to work on my pep talks, eh?

At this point I'm not sure how I could function by myself. Between Red, Mom and Dad, they look after me in every way. They cook, clean, take the G-man out...Red even dries and styles my hair. I hate feeling useless, but I guess someone has to be the boss around here.

We headed back to the Eaton Centre yesterday. I believe malls send out a signal to Red - kinda like this:

Last night we went to the CN Tower, a first for Red. She even got to lay on the floor - who doesn't want to lay on a floor??:

On the way there, a guy, whom I'm sure was wacked on something, asked me for a hug. I sure was tempted...but ignored him (which is what I've told the rest of them to do if approached by weirdos), then he asked Dad! He was right on our tail for a few steps and I thought I'd have to bust out some karate, but eventually weirdo guy left us alone.

Dad's been doing really great pushing me in the chair. He's only almost killed me twice so far. The bumps and cracks in the sidewalk are ridiculous for wheeling around, and sometimes to get up on the sidewalk after crossing the street is a serious hurdle. Wonder if there's insurance for that?

Such a great Papa :)

Red wanted to show off her muscle power...I wouldn’t mess with know what they say about redheads. She only attempted to off me once. Luckily, I didn’t fly out of the chair into traffic. I’m beginning to wonder what I’ve done to these people. Wouldn’t hiring a hit man be more efficient?

So, CN Tower! Red and Mom had to go through the blower security machines while Dad and I got the wand, as the wheelchair wouldn't fit through the chamber. I have to admit, I was disappointed because those blowers are cool! I'm not sure that Red felt the same.

Shot, from the glass floor, of the Blue Jays vs the Royals:

Best seat in the house!
 More shots from the top:

Apparently Red didn't get the "wear red" memo

It was great, but I really wanted to do the EdgeWalk. How sweet would it be to dangle from the CN Tower???

Shots from the ground:

Careful Dad! Looks like Mom's found herself a new man!

I made it to physio today! My workout was trimmed (no treadmill, lesser tension on bike, no box steps, less of each stretch) but I was still absolutely incredible. The reporters are still hanging around outside trying to get an interview. My legions of fans have the building surrounded.

Check out what I made before dinner tonight:

Pill Man
My breathing is crappy and my O2 sats are awful. Slow walking for me is like a marathon for you. The best part is when I try to laugh and end up crippled over on the ground; it's hawt.

Tomorrow is the deadline for IV's. I have physio at 1PM and then an appointment at the CF clinic. We'll see how it goes....

Today marks 1 month on the transplant list. Will it be 2?


  1. You look beautiful, Jessica. So nice to see Shannon and your parents visiting. Stay strong.

  2. I love the pictures, it looks like your company is enjoying their visit. Just hearing on Canada AM about the heat wave in TO, does not sound very nice, be smart and keep hydrated. I hope your pill man takes care of that infection, he looks like he can do it. One month further up the list, one month closer to new healthy lungs, one month of new experiences that you will never forget. Love it that you are sharing your journey.
    Love you, Linda D

    1. The heat is ridiculous! Mom and Shannon are gone home, but I get to keep Dad for a few more days :)