Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Admitting Avoidance

Yesterday was spent in the Eaton Centre. Shopping to Red is like hazelnut coffee cream to me. Dad was super lucky and got to push me around in the wheelchair the entire time. Unfortunately, we didn't get to compete in any racing events. Disappointing, as I'd love to see how Dad compares to Brad.

Last night was spent resting in the condo. As you all know by now, riding in a wheelchair is very strenuous. It's difficult getting these guys wheelchair trained and certified. I think they needed rest too as none of them are used to the amount of walking that they've been doing. Every time we get back home at least one of us has skipped the sheep and went right to sleep.

I woke up this morning struggling with what to do. I knew my infection wasn't any better, but I dread being admitted (and am very good at putting off calling the doc). My sats are still sinking upon exertion and my breathing has not improved. I keep giving it pep talks, but....selective hearing I guess?? I ended up doing the responsible adult thing and called the CF clinic.

It only took Mom, Dad, Red, Brad, Pamela and several hits from a taser to convince me.

After a phone call to physio to advise them that I wouldn't be in, and after Red dried my hair for the third day in a row (love her!), we headed off to clinic. My appointment was for 11AM and we just made it home by 4PM.

Guess who I am??

I'm the chick who avoided lock up today!

Lung function only went down 2%, and as I have too many things to do to be admitted (my exact words to the clinic), they have given me an additional antibiotic. Apparently there is some bacteria having a party in my lungs. I have until Friday to feel better or it's stick-a-needle-in-the vein-followed-by-drugs time. However, the good news is that they will allow me to do at home IV's. Always a silver lining!!

Today marks 1 month since I've been here. Crazy how fast it has gone. I'm sure the rest of the summer will fly too as I'm getting lots of visitors. I will be really sad when that stops. Cough, cough, hint, hint.

Dad, Red and I went to see Spiderman tonight. I've decided to create my own radioactive something or other so I can be cool too. Me and my O2 can fling ourselves around the city fighting bad guys.


  1. Sounds like you're managing to torture the peeps even while not feeling well. Good for you...not calling in to report that you're still not feeling well...not good for you. Glad you finally clicked after only a few taser hits and several strong independent suggestions...maybe you're getting soft old girl :o)
    Now here's my shouty captial message for you...
    GET RID OF THAT INFECTION and we'll see you next week - big hugs!

  2. I got a little behind in the reading, I know my bad. But I love the super hero idea and I was wondering if I could be your side kick/ wheel man. I could be called the chair-man, super powers include but are not limited to: pop a wheelies, forward and backward motions, and a hidden ability to actualy get out of the chair running and screaming. Let me know i think we could be BIG

    Jason "The Chair-man" Carver
    has a ring to it doesn't it ;)

    1. I love it! We will be so famous! Jamie and Justin will be jealous, heheheee.

  3. hi Jessica how are you felling picter of you hooked to icu i said i miss her so much hope you say hi to her for me thanks Brad tell Jessica i said love and miss you Love and forever Shay