Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bye to Mom & Red

Mom and Red are gone :(

We walked & wheeled them down to the cab. It sucked saying goodbye. I was fine until those two teared up. Good thing I didn't have make up on; it's really not necessary when you feel this lousy.

I loved having them here and the good news is that I get to keep my Dad for another 5 days as he's staying as my support person until my friend Lindsay gets here. And a day after she gets here, Brad comes back. So lots to look forward to!

Yesterday I managed to do my entire workout at physio. Probably won't win any awards for my performance, but I did it; I actually felt better than I had in days. After physio we stopped in at the CF clinic as I've had some problems with my g-tube. It was really sore and looked like the inside was trying to bust through my stomach. Thankfully, they think the first antibiotic fixed that problem.

Last night I started going downhill again. I can't seem to get a good breath and I'm thoroughly exhausted. It's as though I'm breathing through a half-plugged straw. I feel bad, as it was their last night in Toronto and all I could do was lay in bed.

Today was no better. I managed to drag myself out of bed around lunch time. I'm really short of breath and wearing O2 at all times. Dad wheeled me out to the park with the G-man and I had to wear the oxygen. Normally, if sitting I don't need it. At least I have a bit of an appetite back. Thankfully, as the GI doc told me I am considered malnourished. Which I already knew, but to hear it sucks.

I told you you don't want to be this thin!

GI guy also increased my feeds to try and bring up my BMI. It's only 17.6 and he wants it at 20. Wha??? That's 15 pounds! Anyone want to send me calories? Just send via FedEx. It's really hard to eat when you'd rather claw out your own eyeballs.

Off to bed as I'm very good at sleeping.


  1. i am so sorry you are not feeling better. John and I could tell by looking at you last night. Anything we could do to help you, please just ask.

  2. I know why are u feeling so bad, cause u were so sad to see my red head gone and get on that plane back to NS without u. Even though u didnt feel the best Friday night and Saturday it was still just nice being able to just hang out. Make sure if you dont feel better tomorrow get your behind to the DR. Miss you already. Red

    1. Miss you tons glad you got to come visit!!!

      Bring Spiro next time!

      Love you lung time!