Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rumour no longer

Yesterday I forgot to give a shout out to my super cool godparents. They sent me a birthday card and a...

****drum roll****

Brad's parents gave me a gorgeous red mug and a Starbucks card too. I'll be drinking coffee all over the place. May even buy Brad one if he's lucky ;)

I'm really lucky as I had gifts and "Happy Birthdays" from lots of awesome people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Did PFT's (breathing tests) today. Blew everyone away; magically the CF is gone. I'm cured and can move home now.

Imagine if it were that simple? One hospital stay with a bunch of needles, IV antibiotics, cranky faced nurses, Hannibal Lecter mask and

My lung function is the same, it didn't go down...which was great news. The RT did another ABG as well and advised me that my CO2 level is now 42! This means audios bipap. Miss you never.

My O2 sats are still in the crapper. I will be wearing the hawt cannula 24/7. Better to wear that then to put stress on my heart, brain and everything else. I'd like to hold on to my short term memory. Plus I'd like to hold on to my short term memory. 

Ted & Judy left today :(  Sad, but the good news is that Judy and I beat the boys in cards before they left. They may have beat us at the 2nd game...but really it's only the 1st game that matters. Everybody knows that.

My friend Marija came in to visit tonight! She's in the city for work and swung by the hospital. I love the following two things a lot. 1) visitors and 2) mail...just in case I wasn't clear before.

Marija in her yellow gown

The best part of my day was hearing.....

I GET DISCHARGED TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For real. Not even a rumour.

The picc is staying in, so my nurse taught Brad how to flush it (has to be done once a day). I, as usual, sat there with a dumb look on my face feeling overwhelmed. I really hope he paid attention. I'll just give him my arm and hope that he does it right. If my arm ends up falling off we'll know he didn't.

I hope Brad isn't a cranky faced nurse.

Unbelievably I have a cold, so he'll have his hands full. Hope he knows how to make chicken soup and other stuff that people eat when they get colds. I don't really understand exactly how I have this cold as I am on strong antibiotics?? If anyone wants it I will put in the mail.

Just send me a request. 

I'm generous like that.


  1. Infections you've had = bacterial
    Cold you now have = viral
    Voila!...You've gone viral Jess!

    Great news otherwise - ha ha FREEDOM!
    Yippee, happy jumpin' up and down!

  2. I love that you're jumping up and down for me!

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